Suggestion: Bagage belt upgrade for small check in desk

Why do i want it in the game: for people who want do bagage service but still have a small airport, will still have to build the medium Check in desk. To make much les room and save money, maybe there could be a upgrade for the small check in desk ( picture as Concept)


I concur, there’s a middle ground phase where you want to do baggage service but like with my airport before I expanded to have my two medium stands I had 5 small stands and no option for a manned check in with baggage of just a single passenger agent. As is you have to either do 3 medium desks or 2 medium desks and then self checkins.

To be honest, in my many playthroughs, I have never found this to be a problem. I just plop the medium ones down and it’s done. IDK though, maybe it just comes from experience, or the fact that I play on easy or medium mode normally

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I’m a little more OCD about such mathematical things.

In that case it’s even wrong that the small desk also handles up to 75 pax even when it only has half of the speed. =D

But you can set the medium ones to one agent when I remember it correct. One seat will then be left empty.

But my OCD component still sees the disparity. I can live with it but psychologically I’m suffering eyetwitches. Mind you when I say psychologically in that circumstance it’s effectively my mind doing that as I resist the urge to stab my hand with a feather.

What’s OCD provoking in the medium check-in desk?

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He was suggesting just turning off half of the medium desk. Which makes me go reeeeeee mentally.

The game isn’t easy in that case. It has many parts where you can’t build everything perfect synchron. It’s a tricky topic and hard to solve with the current available objects.


Yeah I know but I’m not so OCD about things that I just can’t play. Just internally my brain is going “REEEEEEE!!!

What’s wrong with using both sides???

It’s not that, it’s if you have an odd number of stands you either have to use an automated checkin or have an unused checkin on a medium checkin.

same, i don’t know where this would be severe enough of a problem to require these

It’s not but it’s still a feature I would like/use and support.

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Or you could just allow the baggage drop off to use the small desk.

Exactly. Same case happened with me.

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