How to slow down game speed to make it more realistic

Is there a way to slow down the in game speed so that the game is more realistic interms of time it takes to turn around aircraft, and how long it takes for an aircraft to land.

As in real life a plane turm around does not take 3 hours for these small/medium aircraft and a aircraft does not take 5 - 10 mins to land on a runway.

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In 29.x the in-game time has already been slowed down

[ACEO-8482] - Slowed down time progression to accommodate for better simulation flow

AFAIK this needs to be tweaked and the devs first want to see the impact on the current version. Could well be that the time will be altered again in the future, as also the turnaround time, handling, etc. The new time settings are already much better than what it was in the past, but there is still room for improvement.


So we can’t edit it ourselves to adjust it to our playstyle then?

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No, it’s a fixed constant the Dev’s set.

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