How to improve GA rating?

I’ve got a small airport that currently takes in GA only. We’ll be adding a commercial terminal soon, but for now the GA rating keeps falling.

There’s no reason I can see (enough fuel trucks, no backlog on the runways, stands in decent order), but for some reason our rating just keeps falling.

It never seems to go up, just ticks down every once in a while. Is there any way to see what’s driving it down, or to get it to come back up (other than saving and reloading, which seems to reset it to 50%)?

Looks like the drop was due to a large number of delayed flights (too many stands, not enough runways).

Another poster mentioned i another thread, that if you have more than 5 Small Stands per runway, that will cause flight delays and your GA rating will fall. I don’t even do GA, because its so finicky.

Thanks, I wasn’t sure what a good ratio was, and yeah, may end up pulling it out soon.

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