Poor General Aviation Approval Rate (need some help)

Hi there,

I am fairly new to this game. By now I am very happy to see what it already is and how it develops. I am happy to pay for it! Keep up the good works.

One thing I can’t seem to get solved is the poor and ever so decreasing approval rate from GA. I need some help or guidance. Can someone help me?
Although plenty of resources are available for servicing this group of GA clients I keep on getting messages that some GA flight did not receive the requested service. Consequently the GA approval rate decreases.

Game details:

  • Day 10, year 1
  • area has been build quite compact. no long distances between vehicle depot and GA stands (I asume)!
  • Every stand and airstrip is well maintained


  • 10 small stands, asphalt, GA only
  • service roads available and in use
  • Fuel storage available and filled

Commercial details

  • 3 medium stands, asphalt, Commercial Only
  • 5 small stands, asphalt, Commercial Only
  • service roads available and in use

Vehicle details

  • 7 Fuel Truck Avgas 100LL
  • 2 Fuel Truck+Trailer Avgas 100LL

I have the same problem. My GA has its own dedicated taxiway and runway; no comercial allowed. Still, my GA rating is less than 1%

Having more than 5 or so ga per runway is fatal. Your rating plummets in the morning when all ga want to leave at the same time and get delays


@pderuiter, thanks for that insight. I have 10 Small Stands (9 GA, 1 Commercial) sharing the single, short runway. They are not permitted on the four jet runways.

@pderuiter thank you (bedankt!).
Sounds understandable,… but in another way not at all. What’s the point then with providing services to GA as the return on investment is not great in comparision to other investment possibilities and it seriously impacts your overall rating?

Well, i believe the game shouldnt send all ga on their way at the same time, or disregard any delays.
Then again, at this time ga rating doesnt impact in a meaningful way, so meh.
It brings plenty of cash, so in that sense its good. Just don’t take it too far or scale back when you get your commercial operation running

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