How to create a profit ? i only loose money

Hi , did anybody know how to make profit with a small airport ?
I only loose money . What is the best way to make profit ?
And how long you need to make profit at your airports ?
Maybe you have some ideas for me :slight_smile:
Thank you :slight_smile:

In order to make money you need many stands. With just 3-4 stands it’s hard to ever earn money. I would guess my airports started making money with at least about 10 small stands (or 6-8 medium). Below this number it was always just burning money.

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I agree with what Gerwanese said but there are other ways to make money. You can open shops or restaurants and if you hire a CFO (I think…) you can then adjust the fees for each service to make more money.

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Thank you to all , for all your knowledge and ideas :slight_smile:

When i start small i always use grass stands first. I wait with avgass fuel as long as i only have a 2 stars contract as the profit from sales doesn’t exceed the costs of the depot and fuel truck. Deicing can be very profitable if your environment is cold enough. Too few deicing calls and the costs of the truck, depot and pad are too high.

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Starting out small you could go with a small GA airfield. I suggest 1 runway dual-use and 10 stands for starters. Hire the CFO as he cuts the tax losses you will have. You could go and expand with services, that will earn you larger amounts of cash at the beginning and still are useful in the mid-game. AVGas 100LL services is such a thing and with a parking lot near the stands 1 or 2 Fjord fuel trucks will cope with the needs of the GA. I suggest lowering the fuel price by one dot. It will lead to GA being more content and more flights. You still will make money with fuel sales and the bit cash lost is gained within one single flight more. With our new turnaround upgrade you might think about de-icing services as GA uses them as well, so they will get more profitable. If you want to expand to CA business, go baby-teps first to get a feeling for personal needs. A minimalistic Terminal building with 1 check-in desk, a small security desk and two small boarding desks will keep personal needs low but can help you operate 2 CA stands near the terminals. Very small restroom is enough. You might want to open up Jet A1 services as well at this point and enable night-flights to keep your CA stands under steam the whole time. Subscribe to 1 or 2 airlines and take your time looking at their fleet - like Havanna Air. You might want the bigger ‘small’ planes. More passengers - more handling fees. Even charge toilets for 1$ - everything will help. Then expand slowly adding more stands and desks one at a time. You will see the point where the critical mass is needed to open up another runway to seperate arrivals and departures. Should work. Has worked for me before like here: From GA airport to commercial - MGL Airport


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