How many stands till the game lags

I have 5 stands and the game is Lagging but it’s playable and if I add more stands it will get worst but if I go triple speed it’s un playable

Well then for the sake of your PC components you should NEVER EVER test this save file :wink:

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Less than 10 stands. Its playable… huge fps drop on zoom out.
Greater than 10 stands. Its sleep time.

Edit: @EG0611 Stop advertising it lol. :stuck_out_tongue: We are already lagging.

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Ahahahha I will try I once I buy a new laptop but I am having difficulty choosing one it’s not going to be a typical laptop but a gamer one any suggestions

Doesn’t make any difference to ACEO atm. The game is bit under optimized. It will lag on a Supercomputer too. But a good suggestion is Asus Gaming laptops. Or better a custom PC.

Costum PC is kinda hard to take from the sofa to the garden :sweat_smile:

@nize But as Nasty says, all computers gonna give this problem, you will only be able to push it just a little more. I would say, wait until it is better optimized and look at the specs of people who can run in smoothly then. See what is affordable and good enough for you then buy one.
I’m kinda in the same place now. 13 gates and I have 2 FPS zoomed out at 3x speed, my laptop is 4 years old and has no GPU. :wink:

rip… I just can’t imagine how u r playing with no gpu

He probably means an embedded GPU :slight_smile:
Which is basically like playing without one :stuck_out_tongue:

Normal speed at daylight :sob:


ThAnks I don’t want a custom built pc as I am not at home all the time … so a laptop will be handy although you are right it won’t make any difference to aceo yet but I need a new laptop anyways because tropico 6 comes out soon wohooo

ASUS ROG is usually on point as gaming laptops go, but my friend recently purchased a Lenovo one with equally good specs for a tad cheaper. There’s also Acer but … they seem more style than substance.

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