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Lots of airports have an airport hotels, this could start as a simple implementation of maybe 4 different sized hotels to choose to build each with a requirement for x number of hotel staff and each with its own capacity. The passengers who are on say pre-9am flights could then arrive the previous night and disappear into the hotel at a one off charge set in the fee’s panel, maybe half an hour before the gate opens they could leave the hotel and enter the terminal. If the hotel was not situated near the terminal maybe a hotel bus could make its way around picking up passengers from the hotel (from designed airport bus stops, which could also be used in remote car parking also) and deliver them to the the terminal (at a set fee of course).

Why it should be implemented:

If i am playing with no night flights i often find that the window to fast forward through the night decreases as delays at the end of the day and passengers arriving for early flights means a fast forward of only one hour or so is quiet common because there are always passengers in the terminal, whilst i can be more efficient in reducing the end of day delays i cannot stop the passengers arriving. If the passengers disappeared off the map into the hotel until 30 minutes before the flight then this would increase the chance of the airport being free of passengers during the fast forward window and add another income stream to the airport.


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How did you include those in your post, i saw other ideas outside the voting forum and wanted to include them but i couldnt figure out how?

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Thanks rubble, ill be sure and include ideas outside of the voting forum in future ideas i post

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Great Idea!, I Think that this idea could work because when I am looking at my terminal, My frame rate drops to 12 and keep in mind I have a good computer. If this idea works out I believe that the game would run better and not so many people would have to be in the terminal at the same time.

Yes i am trying to think of as many features as possible which reduce the number of passengers off the map temporarily and dont require additional resource to get them back (such as generating bus traffic), this is why i thought the go down a subway entrance disappear off the map idea was genius.

Providing ‘passengers at airport’ is accurate and clicking on the hotel tells you how many passengers are occupying it, then you have a busy airport but with less sprites to animate

They still need to be present a few hours ahead of time to go through security. I’m not reall seeing how this would reduce passenger sprites

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