Holiday Hats on DC-3

So, I was just looking around my new airport, when I spot something, this is what I spotted:

Does anyone know how to solve this?

Do you activate “Enable seasonal easter eggs” in the gameplay options? :wink:

You mean, like this is a ground animal? No no, I play on sandbox, so I only allow emergencies to happen, also, I would like to know how to enable that.

No, i mean when you have activate the seasonal easter eggs then you will see sometimes things like that. for example at christmas time or easter time.

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Seasonal easter eggs

If you’ve been managing your airport recently you’ve probably seen that the aircraft have been fitted with some seasonal bling. If you do not particularly enjoy this look, they can now be disabled using a new toggle found in the gameplay settings panel: Enable seasonal easter eggs.

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Looks like missing translations. You should send a big report with the correct texts. :wink:

And it seems the hats don’t fit on the new planes @Fredrik

the problem is the hat is not on the plane

It’s happening on the Ford Trimotor too…

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Nah, the hat is on the truck :rofl:

Anyone sent a bug report so far? We know our dev boys. Give them a report ;D
I can’t before Saturday.

I forgot the bug report number, but I did send one in

Thank you, it’s been fixed and will deploy in the next version!

Thanks! (more characters for message)

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