Help us find minor bugs!

We have decided to open a special bug reporting form where you will be able to submit minor bugs and errors which we might have missed and which are visible in the gameplay video series. With “minor”, we only mean small defects that can be easily corrected such as for example misspellings, bugs in the UI (user interface) such as incorrect text, colors, alignment, format and incorrectly displayed data or similar.

This is the first step towards setting up a public channel and platform for handling bugs and should be considered a proof of concept of our dedication to further increase the transparency of the development process. Reported bugs will be inputted into our bug tracking platform which will at a later stage be made public.

IMPORTANT! We are not looking for suggestions or improvements in this form, please post those in relevant threads. We are only looking to correct minor mistakes and bugs which have obviously been missed and can be fixed with minimal effort.

Major defects such as occasional vehicle collision is very well known and is merely a result of incomplete features. Remember, we decided to get rid of the heavy physics aspects in favor for a non-physics movement system. This also meant that a completely new avoidance system needed to be written, which is not 100 percent complete as of now due to other more vital gameplay aspects have been prioritized.

##Please use the linked form below to report bugs!
##Link to submission form

##Please check if your bug has already been submitted here first!
##Link to all submitted bugs

[details=Gameplay Video Links]
Pre-Alpha Gameplay Video (Part 1) Construction

Pre-Alpha Gameplay Video (Part 2) Management Aspects

Pre-Alpha Gameplay Video (Part 3) Passengers and Flights


The logo on the left side of the air Strada 146 is the wrong way around, not sure if other airlines have the same thing but worth looking at and easily fixed.

If you look at baggage loading into a plane in the gamaplay video part 3, you can see that staff members are going back to the same empty baggage cart rather then the full one. You can see what I mean at time code 26:00.

Thanks! Make sure to post them in the form linked in the first post! :sunglasses:

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Also taxiway and runway lights were turned off too early.

Also, Planes don´t line up while starting

Outside doors open way too late.
People line up on pedestrian crossings for the bus stop, they should halt on the sidewalk.
Form has been send.

07.50 - Overwriting on the contractor’s ID badge.

08.03 - Overwriting on info panel - too many characters for describing the type of fuel truck.

10:21 - the weight of the passenger (172kg) does not match the photo or the character on screen. Do passports have passengers’ weights?

19:56 - jetway doesn’t quite cover the plane door. You can see that the door hasn’t opened but passengers are disembarking.

26:16 - the ramp agents are not going to the right trolley where the bags are actually located.

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Don’t forget to put them in the submission form linked in the first post :smiley:

Thanks totally missed that requirement!

Haha, no probs :stuck_out_tongue:

Guys, they want these on the form they made, not here.

This prevents that bugs get reported multiple times. First read this thread,then of it is not mentioned,report it.

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Fair enough.

At around 10:03-10:30 in gameplay video 3 we see several boarding passes for three passengers. They all have the same seat on the same flight.
Also, the flight on their boarding pass i the inbound flight (Port Ellen ILY - Lund LUI). Shouldn’t it be the other way around since they are departing?
Form sent.

Thanks for noticing. Seating is not implemented, everybody sits at 1A. :slight_smile:

The destination and origin is indeed incorrect and should be switched.

I’m sorry…i think i went a bit overboard :slight_smile:

since the form does not create a forum post, maybe we should all just write a few hashtags regarding the reported bug and add the description part of the form only. this way, we actually can help reduce double posts.
I doubt there is an algorithm behind the form to automatically detect duplicates.

#position_of_vehicles #stand

position of fuel truck and baggage carts before aircraft arrival is too close to aircraft and should pre-position further at the edge.

#names #staff #loader

all staff on position was referred to as ramp agents. Another staff group should be added for loaders, so that one ramp agent handles the flight and the other staff members are loaders.

@Olof @Fredrik
You should lock this thread, and make it in a way through which system automatically creates a post in it like this

Bug Reported by @NastyGamer
Description: Bug description
Devs’ Remark: Your answer.

You can stop people(like i am now) from commenting on this thread abd keep it clean. And make the form the only way to report bugs.

I think its possible through some JSON scripting.