HELP! MDK and Airline Modding support available here…

After the issues I’ve been through with Modding Airlines, I’m happy to TRY and help with any queries you might have about modding airlines in general and adding them to your game.

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i’m also available for help, but please ping me on discord since i check the forums 1-2 a day

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Thank you Guusje2. I monitor Discord but am not on there

Please help I couldn’t make an mod airline upp and running in game. Followed instruction but nopp doesn’t work hehe. :slight_smile:

Hi. What platform you on? Mac or PC?

Have you checked the validity of your JSON file, check here JSON Formatter & Validator

Did you start from scratch or try the MOD example given?

Hi, PC Win 10, all JSON file are valid and all files are from Mod example folder :smirk:

okay, that solves a lot of issues of the bat. Can you post a pic of where you’ve put them, IE an expanded explorer screen shot?

okay, I think I see you first issue. You need to create a folder called Mod one folder up. Eg (Yes I know I’m on a Mac but same should apply).

done with exactly path as your, but nopp don’t work hehe

What version you running?


Have you tried using just the straight Mod example? That’s where I started before I actually tried modding anything? Also at this stage @pderuiter ACEOMM will work too now

Install ACEOMM Asia and Europe. The use_default.txt set to true and nothing works. No Airline to offer nothing is available. But thank you so much for helping :slight_smile: . Time to bed now. gonna try again tomorrow. GN @Rubble

Hmmm @pderuiter

Use_default true means the gane wont use modded businesses. Setting it to false means it will.

@pderuiter Good morning! Tried to reinstall ACEO and played from the begining, without ACEOMM game run fine. No contract was offered when installed ACEOMM even default business. I dont know why. :frowning:

Did you manage to get this working? Here, contracts with only small stands don’t work for me on my games.

@Rubble So confused, just gave up. tried to make it work but I can’t. sorry guys
Anyway here is what I’ve done with THAI original livery :slight_smile:

Hi TH…

What issues are you having? Is it artwork creation, getting them in game or what?

That livery looks awesome too… :slight_smile: