Helicopter Art/Concept

An art piece (or concept for the more imaginative) that I’ve been working on of an Robinson R44 helicopter which I will be using as an added idea in my FBO post.


Please check out my Fixed Base Operators suggestion to see my recommendation for rotorwing aircraft here:

(Disclaimer: I’m posting the art tonight and the recommendation sometime soon.)


Well done.

This is really smart way to do the GA/FBO. I’d take him up on the skill set for implementation maself. I would also add that if the direction is one of enhancement of the FBO is the implementation of small private jets too… parking fees, prestige, hanger space for them… etc.

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Maybe we can sign contacts with the police, fire and health services and they own the helipad for their helicopters.


Looks fantastic!

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Yeah, let’s relive this topic! Heliports would be a great to start a game! Also a great addition as game would be boring to have those birds flying around. :wink:

Sign a contract with Air Taxi or just a same way as GA Planes work.

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Nice art! Would you like to see special helicopter stands in game? Also I did read the FBO zone topic, but about 2 months ago. It was great!

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Nice animation, just out of curiosity does this actually work ingame of is it just a gif?

If you would like helicopters added to the game do what I did and next time there is a feature voting round, suggest the implementation of helicopters into the game

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