General aviation [medium stand]

I was asking myself. why not add chartered flights, charter and executive flights.

How is this idea?

well airport also has flights other than the normal flights known as regular. example flights from KLM, Air France, LATAM, United, American, JetBlue. but there are charter flights, for example, some old Germania airlines flights, tui fly flights that are flights rented by a company, use for government or for sports teams. it would be good to have charter flights at the Airport CEO being they more expensive than the normal ones for dealing with a chartered flight could be added airlines especially for charter flights

executive flights.

executive flights could be made by people with their jets as is usually done is also by the government. although different from charter flights, these flights would need a new terminal example a VIP terminal as their own security areas. on these flights we could get a politician at our airport. a celebrity. a player of a sport or a race pilot would be like the general aviation although in this would have landing and boarding people could stay in the medium stand so we would have planes like Embraer Phenom 300, Learjet 85, Embraer Lineage 1000, Embraer praetor 600. some flights executives could be Boeing 737, Boeing 757-200, Boeing 787.

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wow, that’s cool I’ve never seen this post before, I’m new to the forum.


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