Game that freezes after loading

For some days, I can not play my game because once charged, the game completely freezes. After several minutes of waiting, he goes off and makes me return to the office without telling me an error message. I read that we had to remove the mods, it’s the same. I reinstalled the game, it’s the same.
I made a new game and I have no problem. I am a little pissed because I spent more than 150 hours sue the first backup.

I looked at this topic but the problem is not solved for me.

Do you have an idea ?

Hey, I think we need to take a look at the save in question.

If it’s a very very large airport loading may take a long time. During this time Windows may think that the game is frozen (if you click around) but eventually it will load. How large is the save file? If it’s above 15 to 20 MB it may take well above 10 to 15 minutes to load depending on your hardware specs.

The folder that contains the files is 73.1 MB.
Yet at the end of loading, I have the image of my airport with even the sounds of popup so the load is normally well finished

That surely takes a long time to load. have you tried leaving your pc alone for at least 30 minutes when the loading started?

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I just did the test. After 30 minutes of waiting, it’s always the same thing. The game is idling

73 MB is insanely big. Can you check which file of your save folder that is the biggest?

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It’s StructureData.json with 24856 kb

For comparison, in case it’s relevant… my old save has 204 MB, GameData.json biggest with 138 MB (StructureData.json only 23 MB), loading time on a very old machine with 4 GB RAM somewhat between 20 and 30 minutes. Generally it should work even with those big saves.

How big is your GameData.json? If it’s smaller than the StructureData maybe that’s the problem, a corrupted file?

As a point of reference I just looked through some of my own savegames, I too have savegames of up to 75 MB.

Yes, they become huge when you build really big airports. Save file optimization and load times are something we’re looking at for the upcoming Alpha 34 or Alpha 35 changes.

The Jira platform does not accept those huge bugs so for us to check them I would reccomend you to upload them somewhere else and send us the link via

I don’t understand what I have to do

Please use a compression tool like WinRAR/ZIP (or something similar) to compress the savegame folder and send that over to the developers via the mail address. As Olof mentioned, the tool they use to keep track of the bugs (Jira) is not capable of handling large files, so if your save file is big you are not able to use the in-game bug report tool and can only send in directly by mail. Hope that helps.

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Ok thank you for your answer, I’ll do this

Today while I was playing with ACEO; I also had very annoying freezes. Every 2-3 in game minutes; game freezes for 15-20 seconds.

I think the reason is secure zoning. When there is a gap of secure zone (I mean when secure and non secure zones touch with each other in foundation) game lags.

I sent a bug report about it to developers :wink:

We’ll be looking into the zone issue this week! :slight_smile:


Did anyone tell you that the devs are awesome at support and patching bugs?


Thanks! We try to balance bug solving and new development as much as possible, although this zone issue is a particular tricky one.


It’s good, I sent you the backup email

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