Game crashing after loading completed


I’m opening this thread since it appears that I am the only one have this issue and don’t want to spam the Alpha 33 thread with it (only posted once there)

To make it short, my save just keeps crashing when it as fully loaded (during the loading screen transition to the game). Even after the recent updates, nothing to do, the game keeps crashing at the same moment.

I’ve already reported the bug one or two weeks ago, however i don’t know the report ID.

You can find here a video showing what happens, the video stopped automatically when the game crashed at the end :

So you are on the Alpha 33 trying to load a save that was previously saved on Alpha 33?

Does look strange. Can you drop us the save in a .zip file to

Could also be a mod issue? Do you have any mods installed, either Steam or local? Did you try to load the game without any mod enabled?

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Yes, I reloaded the game everytime my big planes were stuck at the de-icing pad to avoid huge delays. But, one reload just killed my save.
I’ll send the save in a couple minutes (the time i need to find it :stuck_out_tongue:)
Before i started to play with the alpha 33, i removed all mods and cancelled all contracts that used mods to avoid any conflict with the update.

Edit : Sent ! have fun reading the code i’ll try a new save :speak_no_evil:


I’ve found the issue. It’ll work with tonight’s update! :slight_smile:


^ quick guy :smiley:

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yaaay great news ! I’ll get back all my money (and staff) :smiley:

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The fix is out now. :slight_smile:

How can I check that my game was correctly updated ? My game is still crashing but steam is not showing any updated for ACEO

Edit : It works well ! I forgot to set back the game to “experimental” after i reinstalled the game. Thanks !!!

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