Game freezes every 4-5 seconds

Hey devs!

I have a problem with my airport and that is that it freezes every 10-15 seconds,could that be because of how big my airport is?

and this

sorry if this topic was discussed already

That’s indeed quite a big airport! How many passengers are there in your airport? Currently it’s normal to have a bit of lag and frame drops with big airports.

I believe the devs have already or will implement a slider so you can adjust the number of passengers per flight. That way you can have bigger airports. They are hard at work improving the performance :slight_smile:

nice setup :smiley:

Indeed a massive airport, would be interested to checking it out as it sounds as if you have caught a situation with a consistent spike generated at intervals. Can you send it in with a bug report?

in the night i normally have around 1,200 passengers but during peak times such as midday i would have around 2800 passengers (including my staff)

sure :smiley:

This is the code
You have successfully created the issue (ACEO-3298)

I have just ran the update and am 2 having this issue. But mine always then throws me into the far corners of the game screen on the as yet locked tiles…

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I have a small airport , but my game also freezes ! Every hours wile 4 minutes- always 58 minutes -2h58-3h58-4h58… with a good fps. Why ?

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I have a medium airport with eight stand medium… i have over than 1800 passengers per days. and each time my computer running the game with 10FPS… i know that the devs are work really hard to do a better FPS, but currently i still play the game, even if it’s a lot unplayable… Keep work Guys.!

How many active airline contracts have you signed? I think it can have something to do with a lot of new flights being generated.

YES !! I remove 3 contracts !! And it’s good ! Thanks !

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hey devs, i have the same problem as before but now my game freezes every 4-5 seconds and im on version 25.2-2 , should i bug report it?

Hi, yes please do and include the save where the freeze occurs so that we can test it our selves. Thanks :slight_smile:!default.jspa

My game freezes every few minutes. Auto-Save is disabled. Steam synchronisation is disabled. Perhaps, it is the size of my airport, with over 18000 passengers. I’m trying to get rid of ALL the pssengers.

Sounds like a form of spike, I’ve ran a few tests with those kinds of pax nbrs and while FPS is steadily decreasing with the nbr of pax I cannot see a specific freeze at any second interval, so we’d need the saves in question to debug it.

created the issue (ACEO-3479)

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Thanks, will take a look.

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