Game freezes after update on Steam

So I opened up Steam earlier tonight, and I am on the experimental branch for the game, and let it update. I load up my airport that I had worked on last night making numerous upgrades to my baggage system etc. Not even 10 minutes in, and it freezes up, and I force quit. I verify the files, and everything is ok. I load the same save game again, and it freezes for a second time. I figured maybe it was because I accepted a second airline contract so I could get a flight to my remote stand so I cancelled the contract, but that didn’t change anything.

Quite frustrated because before I could play almost 1 hour plus without any issues until this new patch came down, and nothing but freezing problems and unplayable at the moment.

Hello Korwatt.

I am sorry to hear this. However it is known that Experimental branches are not stable versions and every player who chooses to play Experimental should expect such a situation. It was also written on Experimental branch information topic;

Does anything similar happen when you start a new game or when you continue another save file?

I was aware of the issues with the experimental branch and stability issues. It’s the only way I could play the game, the “stable” version of the game kept freezing up on me after 30 minutes of play time.

I have not tried any new games or other save files. I can try and see what it does, otherwise I will uninstall and opt out of the beta and try the stable version of the game, and see if it freezes again like it use to do before.

So you have always been playing on the experimental branch and are just now starting to have issues? Is that correct?

Yes that is correct.

What are your hardware specs? How much dedicated VRAM are you running on?

Windows 10
AMD Athlon™ II X2 220 Processor, 2800 Mhz, 2 Core(s)
NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 2GB - Graphics Card
Memory: 8GB
Available VRAM: 11.4 GB

Note: I have switched to the stable version of the game, and put the graphics on the “Good” setting and so far no freezing up. I am just in the building phases of my airport, and have not started airline operations yet.

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