Game crashes when trying to start a new game

Hi all,
I just switched over to A35, but I am unable to start a new game without the unity crash program opening and crashing the game. It happens when the game is loading in businesses and mods and I’m wondering if there is any way to figure out which mods are causing problems… I went to submit a bug report but I can’t even find the Output log to add to the report so I thought I would start here.
Edit: I’ve also already have verified the integrity of the game files and no problems came up there.
Edit: Just figured out that steam is validating all of the mods during this loading screen and stops right before it crashes… Maybe something to do with steam?

I seem to had the same problem.
Starting a new game showed “loading game world” and stucked there.

I disabled all mods and then it loaded fine…

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Figured out that Steam doesn’t seem to like loading more then about 160 items from mods and that is why I am getting this crash…
Are there any ways that this can be updated to fix itself??

For right now you could always consider not subscribing to 160 mods.

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wiirocks86 said 160 items from mods, not 160 mods.

I had not enabled so many mods, they were less than 20.
Some time I will check out which mod causes the trouble but not now.

Yeah, I have nowhere near 160 mods installed, but each aircraft with a different livery counts toward that number. For me, the Air Canada mod was putting me over the edge due to having so many different aircraft and liveries in it.

Uhm, 160 mods is excessive indeed.This would typically be something we’d look at during the beta stage in regards to see what we can improve but yeah, configuring that many mods and setting them up at launch is a lot of work and something we perhaps should put a limit on for the time being. Do you really utilize 160 mods in one save?

Well what does the game count as mods and businesses when it is loading? Because I may have 30 subscribed from the workshop, but some of them have more than one business such as banks or contractors.

I have the same problem without any mods. Problem is caused by the realistic flight choise in the main menue. Erverytime this is enabled the game crashes also at this point, if it’s disabled the game starts normal without problems. Send you a bugreport earlier today.

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If I turn on realistic international stands the loading screen stops at “loading game world” and won’t go any further

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Olof, do the subscriptions before they are activated ingame affect the performance?

I have a lot of things subscribed, but I only activate some of them according to my build.

Both yes and no, with loads of mods it takes a longer time to load the game as we need to process each mod and get it into the game engine. In terms of drawcalls there’s also a slight increase with each livery mod you have but other than that there should be no noticeable extra performance degradation caused by mods.

We we look at the international stand turn on/off crash as soon as possible!


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