Furniture Pack 1

So it appears with furniture pack 1 that there will be new design of the gate seating (the black blur on the far right).

Are we going to see other gate seating options in the near future? I have been flying a lot recently here in the US and most of the airports have gate seating that is 5 or 6 across instead of 10 like in game. Are there going to be other sizes available?

Also, it would be really nice to have ones that only face one way so that we can put them flush against walls. Again, this is extremely common practice in the US in addition to the two sided ones.

Any one know anything?


I hope for both one sided seating plus different number of seats. Also would love premium seats like massage chairs that pax pay to sit in.

Table and chairs please, so I can turn my food businesses into sudo looking real restaurants. Ideally a table with 2 chairs, and a table with 4 chairs would be nice.


This is a good idea and I think we will have time to implement it, won’t promise anything but adding new and similar objects is a pretty trivial operation. Lots of new stuff going in this week ! :slight_smile:


Thanks for everything you do Olof!!

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Just wanted to follow up on this and say that one sided gate seating was included in this furniture pack. A bench will be implemented today and a new glass bus shelter too.


I was anxiously awaiting, and as soon as the update was pushed, I was likely the first person in game adding the new gate seating!

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