Franchise open hours

Is there a way to expand the opening hours of a shop and restaurant? They don’t open until 8:00 so they miss the early morning flights. Thanks!!


Maybe part of contract negotiation can include “expanded hours of operation?”

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Truly, it’s a bit odd that even once you enable Night Flights, all franchises are closed 00:00 till 04:00. They miss thousand(s) of potential customers. :slight_smile:


Yes, individual opening times for each shop/restaurant and lounge would be amazing.

Let’s say you have a terminal without night flights, then you can close it there. Or you have a Maple flight one once a day, you open the lounge only for the specific time.


…and when they do open at 04:00, all the waiting PAX decide to queue there at the same time, thus causing flight delays…


This will be probably fixed soon. Trello

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Should be an option to have at least some offering bit different hours than others or some being 24/7.

For example every time I was transferring at DXB between 1 am and 3 am in the middle of the night shops were open (though I wasn’t interested in shopping there).

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Support this entirely!

We need to be able to open franchises at different hours to meet the needs of when the terminals are busy, well said about night flights.

Could as suggested be linked to negotiating contact, however I think that should only alter the maximum daily hours.

The actual opening hours should be able to be slide earlier or later within the contracted maximum if that makes sense :slight_smile: so you could make a coffee shop open earlier and close earlier, or a bar to open late and close late. Combining those together would mean more coverage without needing either to be a 24hr situation (though, that also would be useful!)

Shouldn’t bee too difficult to implement, maybe something for @Alexander to take a look at?


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