24/7 Franchise open Hours


Franchise open hours

was closed some months ago. With a 24/7 airport, it would be nice to have the ability to have 24/7 shops or restaurants. At the moment, all shops close between 00:00 / 04:00. In that time, many passengers give the aiport bad ratings, because of no services.

I would prefer to manage opening hours individually. May you have areas without any passenger at specific times. You don’t need an open shop/restaurant/lounge then.


I would like this.


100% support this however,

It was initially replied to on a main Beta version thread a while ago, that it would be considered, but then later sadly confirmed to be unlikely.

We do need some flexibility with the hours to support night flights primarily, or to better align to autoplanner.

If using autoplanner I find that they open a little too later to catch checkin (pre security) for the start of the day, and stay open beyond the last flight leaving.

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