Flughafen Innsbruck

My new built airport! Inside is fictional as I didn’t find any good pictures etc, if you like it, ill upload it to Steam Workshop.


Here we see another reason why we should have Runway U-Turn feature.


Runway entries work out kinda :rofl:

Runway entries work out kinda

Do they? When I tested I couldn’t match the design. Either aircraft lands while there is airplane on runway rolling for takeoff or airplanes deadlock themselves.

How can I upload GIF?

How can I upload GIF?

Upload it to somewhere and post its link

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I like it! :smile:

Can you spot new Innsbruck cargo operator ?:slight_smile:

:+1: Looks like it works, but should be looking a lot nicer if it was solved in game :wink: So let’s keep @EG0611 feature request open.

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Is it the yellow DHL looking plane on the right?

Nope that was TUI fly, it’s National Airlines B757-200 :wink:

which plane was that?