Runway U-turn

I don’t know what they call it but what I meant was this:

On AirportCEO I want to make this. But all my methods didn’t work. Either airplanes do 180 turn in middle of runway with unrealistic animation or airplanes pass through each other.

com-video-to-gif (2)

Anyone have ever be able to make it?

Try placing a holding point there?


(I hope music is not too spicy :slight_smile: )

It works until* 2 airplanes arrival or departure at the same time. Then they hit each other at U-Turn

Ooooh I’d never thought to do this. I’m currently bankrupt and don’t have enough money to build taxiways along the full length, so this will be a great stop gap I think :slight_smile:

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Actually planes shouldn’t stop there. They have to do wide U turn and take off immediately while the next departure has to wait at apron taxiway.

Same for landing until landing aircrafts vacant runway at apron taxiway the next aircraft shouldn’t land.

I just wanted to point out that I never thought of placing concrete under the fuel tanks. I was wondering how to make it blend into the roads a bit better. Thanks for the idea. :wink:

Also, are you sure that the collision isn’t to do with the changes made to the ends. I think that at night the U turn section is about half the size as the day ones. Maybe this has something to do with it…

That’s because I had hurry in morning and didn’t get the correct shot so I used what I had. Even I build wider, same thing happens what you see on night video.

It didn’t happen to day video because airplanes had 10 min departure and arrival buffer time

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Oh, Ok. Hopefully this improves with the ATC pathfinding fixes. I’ve tried this myself and it seems to work most of the time. I make my U turns tear drop shaped by using zig zags. It doesn’t look to great up close but is a real treat when zoomed out. :+1:t2:

By chance I found this picture. With Runway U-Turn I could build such an airport. Game is Simcity 4 with mods.

I keep building my own but it would be great if you could upgrade runways to have a turnaround piece at the end you select in ACEO.

Hopefully proper turnaround and pull-backs (which I think should need a turn-around space and not just insta-flip the plane around) will come in the future with better pathfinding and etc.

Just been using exclusive arrival and departing runways until then.


Oh, never seen Sim City 4, looks nice.


I would definetly find a use for a U-turn. I myself tried many designs, but none of them have worked so far. I can only recommend building it like this, it doesnt work, but atleast looks good.

it doesnt work, but atleast looks good.

That doesn’t sound like Apoapsis Studios’ motto :wink:


You can actually add taxiway nodes into your turnaround at the ends of the runways, and add holding points, and it semi works. The behaviour isn’t always realistic though.


What if you draw another taxiway node strip on the runway and not connect the middle taxiway to the exit path of the runway?

Jasper eventually there will be 2 airplanes on the runway on top of each other. 1 is controlled by Tower control and other is controlled by Ground control. They switch radio frequency when they pass a holding point so when they are on different channels, ATC in ACEO doesn’t recognize them as they are on the same runway although they pass through each other.

It is also the reason why it wouldn’t wor if you just add a U-Turn at the end of runway with holding point in it.


Ohh, while runway structure pieces are going to be added, what are the chances to seeing a runway U-Turn piece? :roll_eyes:


You mean something like this?:

That would be cool indeed


Yeah exactly. Not all airports are busy or profitable to require full parallel taxiway or have free space to build one.