Flight Time Inaccuracies

A recent post just inserted a picture which shows a route of an aircraft, I’ll show it again.
Its all good, and an interesting route until I saw the time taken. 3 hours and 51 minutes seemed extremely short for a Cessna 208 travelling over 800nm. So I ran a quick flightplan on Simbrief (www.simbrief.com) to check the route (going to Liverpool Airport EGGP), and noted two issues with the above photo. Firstly, Simbrief provided an estimated in-flight time of 5h27. So this is drastically different. Secondly, Simbrief notes that this route is too far for the Cessna 208.
And another seperate point, the photo says the manufacturer is Sezzna, which is obviously wrong, unless there is licensing issues.

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Don’t worry developers mentioned that these values are not yet finalized. I am sure we will see more realistic flights and values in final game.


Of course the manufacture is isn`t Cessna (Pls no sue me) and they changed the name of the manufacture because of copyright issues.

As the game is still in development, we can’t expect all of this information to be fully accurate yet. It should be fixed soon

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Don’t worry, it’s been extensively pointed out in the video thread, where the image came from. The devs have acknowledged it and said that at some point they’ll tweak it.

@mattyp502 In my opinion the 3 hours 51 minutes is not the time the aircraft takes to fly the route. It’s the time the aircraft stays at your airport (it lands at 10:52 and starts 3 hours 51 minutes later - although it is not exact it has to be 46 minutes - at 14:38). So the time might not be correct but it is not as extremly wrong as you understood :smiley:


I think so too.

+1 for the icon refering to the time the aircraft stays at your airport.

If you look at the symbols, the first one is for arrival. the last one for departure. If the second icon would show the flight time, both other symbols should be in a reversed order. Also, as a airport ceo I’m more interested into the time the aircraft arrives, also how long it stays on my airport and when it will leave again.

I don’t really care that much when it did start at the former airport and how long it needed to travel.

as a side note, there is no space between the ground and the aircraft in the second symbol, so that’s one more indicator that it shows how long this aircraft will stay/is landed.


Yes! That is correct. It could be more clearer in the UI. It is not relevant for the CEO to know the flight time but the turnaround time is very good to know!

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Ahh, that makes sense. I think I thought it was flight time is because
the from and to colours are the same as the departure and t/o times at your airport. And thanks for clarifying!!

Yeah, the math is off because the calculations lack a bunch of variables. They are there now as placeholders because the system can in fact take aircraft range, fuel consumption, speed and so forth into account when calculating routes but right now it doesn’t look at all those variables and thus it’s not that accurate!

If anyone would like to find out the average cruising speed, average range (fuel tank capacity) and average cruising fuel consumption rate of Cessna 182, Cessna 208, DHC-6 Twin Otter, B737, CRJ 700, ATR 72 and BAe 146 they are more than welcome to… :smiley: … but right now we are focusing on more important stuff.


Feel free to correct :stuck_out_tongue:
@Olof @Fredrik

Cessna 208: Cruise Speed 186kt
Max Distance: 1070nm
Fuel burn: 193L/h

Cessna 182: Cruise Speed 145kt
Max Distance: 930nm
Fuel burn: 60L/h

DHC-6: Cruise Speed 150kt
Max Distance: 775nm
Fuel burn: ???

Boeing 767: Cruise Speed 459kt
Max Distance: 5980nm
Fuel burn: 2700L/h

CRJ 700: Cruise Speed 447kt
Max Distance: 1378nm
Fuel burn: 1680L/h

ATR 72: Cruise Speed 275kt
Max Distance: 1528nm
Fuel burn: 1400L/h

BAE 146: Cruise Speed 404kt
(Avro RJ85) Max Distance: 3650nm
Fuel burn: 2000L/h


@Fredrik In my opinion it is actually clear enough

since the landing iconis on top and the starting at the bottom - it should have been clear what it says :wink:

Does this mean a 767 is on the way? :grin:

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I thought it was a 737

Olof asked for the details of a 767! Although he didn’t ask for the details for a 737 which is in the game. More than likely a typo but you never know.

Yeah, sorry, a typo, meant 737 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Would love 767, or 757 in the game

:sob:, here we were hoping for a big boy to join the ACEO fleet :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: