Airport CEO: Pre-Alpha Gameplay Video (Part 2)

Lol @Fredrik @Olof Too slow
Leave what you think about the video, and remember to remind the devs to post the second they release the gameplay video.



Damn, I guess it is time to leave it more and more up to you guys. :wink: We clocked an almost 16 hour workday today and right now it is 03.55 in the morning, time for some well-earned sleep. Some last minute challenges made for a small delay, however, we really hope you will enjoy it! :airplane:

Edit: Funny story, during rendering of the video, my CPU hit 85 Celsius. So, in panic, we opened my window to the max, dropping the temperature in the room to 7 Celsius in order not to fry the CPU. So that must have been a funny sight, two guys freezing in a room with an open window at 2am in the morning. :smile:


I’ve been eyeing your YouTube channel all day, so I was excited when it came out!


Lol​:joy::joy::joy::joy:… Even i had plans to post the video before Devs… and Say ‘too slow’… But i was asleep.:sleepy::sleeping:

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What?? You sliced the video time by half!!!

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I know right? I was expecting a 40 min video but I’m tired so… it’s kinda a good thing in a way.

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GA is working quite well (according to me… i don’t know any shit about how GA works IRL).

And i am satisfied that you have started recording/recorded the third video… because that’s what i am interested in (Torturing Passengers😂).

Edit: Nice Airport name… Linux International.
Also i doubt that Cessna can fly from London to Poland… can they??

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Were there plans to include pilot lounges for the GA pilots? I know the small municipal airport near where I live has one as well as a fuel kiosk where the planes pull up to refuel.


Not sure if its just temporary but it would be incredibly rare if ever, that a plane would turn around in the middle of the runway instead they generally just continue to next taxiway.


I really enjoyed watching this video!! I will say I’m bummed that it was only about 20 minutes, but I understandably know why, and I can’t complain.

I cannot wait to see the next video, I hope it’s soon.

If I may, I wanna point out a few things.

  1. Aircraft traffic and pathing looks very nice. I do however agree that planes won’t commonly turn around in the middle of the runway if there’s another taxiway ahead.

  2. I found it interesting that all the staff came in one car. Is this something that will remain that way?

  3. The whole process of contracts, hiring, and whatnot is very nice. I can’t wait to see what it looks like once you progress in the next video, with the flights etc. Very nice!

  4. Nice to see our CEO gets to be in the game! Will they move around? Or will they remain in the office at their desk? As well, is there a way to create an office just for the CEO, COO, CFO etc? I’d like to do that, I think.

I really can’t wait to see what’s next! Especially the commercial aircraft and whatnot. Can’t wait to see how they look, and if there will be more companies in the game! I spotted 3 so far, :smiley:

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A couple of things I noticed/suggest

GA aircraft should only be using the runway up to the middle exit, kinda seems weird them using more than that.

Usually us GA pilots taxi to a fuel pump to pump our own fuel, we don’t require the airport to bring a fuel truck to us

Another thing, is there plans to include a Aero Club type of place, where GA pilots can go when they’re at the airport, instead of being stuck in an aircraft

Other than that, great work! I can’t wait for the next video!!


I have one suggestion… A room type… ‘Office’ which can be assigned to airport staff like in Software Inc.

  1. Such as i make an office and assign it to the CEO or CFO or HR manager.

  2. And also i could assign offices to groups such as Airport Staff.

  3. Staffroom could be assigned to groups such as Janitors, or Security.

This will make our airport a bit more clean managed.


Great video, guys. Quality definitely > quantity in this instance. The production of the video looks a lot moe professional this time.

So, onto the suggestions and feedback:

  1. McLondahl’s sounds like a great restaurant! :slight_smile: I’d be happy to have a branch in my airport.
  2. Can the “big cheeses” (CEO, CFO etc) in the airport have their own offices? Maybe a system like Prison Architect’s (sorry!) where the office is claimed by a high-ranking staff member?
  3. Nastya is a bit on the old side - whilst I commend your equal opportunities hiring policy, there won’t be many 86 year olds in the employment market! (She does look great for her age, though; I wonder what her secret is?)
  4. Employment looks good; my only suggestion would be to clarify how many staff are needed at each station? The security station needs four, but that’s not communicated to the new player (as far as I can see). Is there a way to see this (perhaps hover over and get a message like “two more staff needed”, or put a number beside the red man figure?). Would be helpful for new players who haven’t watched the vids.
  5. All the stands are numbered “1” - it would be nice to see more variety, maybe an easy way would be for us to change them ourselves?
  6. You’ve heard a lot about the runway U-turns already - it wouldn’t happen unless there was no taxiway up ahead - would it be possible to require the planes to proceed to the next exit unless there’s no path? This would prevent any future near misses, like the one at the end of your video :wink:
  7. How would pax get to and from the planes? Maybe a GA gate at the airport that caters to all flights, but you’ll need a bus or something to get them out there?
  8. The fuel depot is at infinity% capacity. That looks very efficient, but I think you’ve divided by 0 somewhere and broken maths!
  9. I’ve never heard of people talking about “Outcome” with regards to expenses - we’d usually use the words “expenses” our “outgoings”. “Outcome” relates more to results.

It’s looking brilliant :smile:


Another great video guys :slight_smile:
Can’t wait for the next one.

A question i would like to add: will pilots ever get off the plane ?

Keep up the good work

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You guys are absolutely amazing. I can’t wait to play this game :slight_smile:

I remember when the first video came out everyone was like "omg 40 minutes! I would never expected that! :smile: ". After the second video "only 20 minutes. I thought it would be a hour :frowning: "

Anyways, nice video devs! Currently I don’t have anything to comment on but maybe later :wink:

I lile the new format…if they don’t wait 3 weeks for the next video :stuck_out_tongue:

Less information to digest and it can be more focused :slight_smile:

Great work guys! Keep it coming!

Thanks for the response and many great questions! :smiley: Absolute amazing support! Let me answer a few of them here.

This 180 has “turned” up a lot. :wink: Let me just quickly clarify: Did we know that this can sometimes happen? Yes. Do we know it is unrealistic? Yes. Why it is not fixed? It is not a simple fix and it is not game breaking. It can take anything from 2-8 hours to fix and test (possibly 1 more day delay in the pre-alpha release). :frowning: Why so long time? Well, we don’t know what other issues can arise and testing is very hard to estimate. Writing the specific method to find the runway exit in front of the aircraft is not difficult, but testing it in all the thinkable scenarios is. Just to give you an example of the thinkable scenarios we have to test:

  • Testing the performance
  • Testing saving and loading in all stages of the action
  • Make sure it does not break any other system
  • Testing scenarios like: What if the only exit is behind the aircraft and at the far end of the runway?
  • What if that only exit is already blocked by and aircraft?
  • What if all exits in front of the aircraft is already blocked?
  • What if all exits on the runway are occupied?
  • What if the exit is directly on it and neither behind or front?
  • What would be the fallback option if it fails to find an exit?
  • Etc…

Just to give you an insight on the actual things we have to consider. However, I will have a look at this during the day. :slight_smile:

  1. More or less random now, the car can hold 4 seats and in this case they were all filled up. Carpooling is apparently popular. :wink:

  2. Yes, that is the plan. The CEO will move around and talk to passengers, increasing their satisfaction. If you pay the CEO a low salary, he will instead spread negativity on the passengers. Maybe you will also be able to walk with AWSD. When it comes to offices, we will see about that as it is very much a PA rip-off, however, you can create a staff room only for executives at this point.

  • The runway is very short. A 737 would overshot by a mile. :slight_smile:
  • Very true, but requires n new system to be implemented. Now both GA and Commercial can share the same mechanics for easier testing and less chance of errors.
  • Could be implemented. At least that they walk around on the stand.

Already exists! :smiley:

  1. Yea, it is not fully optimized. Staffs and passengers are generated based on pre-defined variables, meaning all persons will be 99,9% unique. Still some adjustment is required.
  2. Good point! The required need can probably be implemented in the job task section and be visualized when selecting security.
  3. Yes, know about this. It does not set the correct name.
  4. Looks like that yes. Noted! :slight_smile:
  5. Also good point, we will look into the right terminology.

Again, thanks a lot guys for your awesome support! :airplane:


Its amazing, good work :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: