Flight planning and scheduling

this may of already been answered but i was wounding will the airport have restrictions for example in the UK we have restrictions on the time when the first flight can leave and the last flight can leave, so at LBA (Leeds Bradford airport) the first flight is at 6:10 and the last one is at 21:15 or will it be like places in dubai where planes can take off 24/7 all night and all day.

Good idea, has indeed already been discussed, but the devs didn’t answer on this…

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Don’t forget about Ryanair :wink:

Heck no! I absolutely HATE RyanAir! I flew them twice when I visited europe and they were awful! My airline is Air Ryan!

Air Ryan… I take it the planes are entirely white? :confused:

Restrictions are interesting, and I’d be interested to see how they’re implemented. It varies widely between airports - London Heathrow has a complete shutdown whilst Glasgow sometimes has operations (primarily arrivals) all through the night. It all depends on how many people are under the flightpath, how loud those people are, and the political leanings of the local government.

I’d say that, in general, restrictions are actually more common when your airport gets big. A small airfield with a handful of flights will generally operate when needed, but when it starts to grow and have more frequent flights it’s more likely that a restriction will be put in place.

So it could be interesting to see restrictions:

  • Implemented by local governments
  • Agreed by the airport as a compromise in an expansion plan (for example)
  • More flexible if you have a good relationship with the local government.
  • More likely if you don’t foster a good relationship with your neighbours.
  • That are aircraft dependent (so GA may operate through the night, but there won’t be 747s every five minutes)

All of this would be much further down the line, though.

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