Flight offer frequency

Tell me, is it possible to somehow limit the frequency of flights for a specific type of airline aircraft?
I explain:
There is an airline, it has only 2 planes in real life. But the schedule planner suggests flights very often.

For example, is it possible to somehow make it so that if an airline has only 2 aircraft, then in the flight schedule it will not be possible to set flights to 3 parking lots at the same time, only 2.

I don’t know if I phrased it correctly. I am using google translator.

yet this is not possible, maybe in future a it will be a feature on this enhanced game mod:

Actually for mods there is a feature for fleet count. But we don’t use it in all.
I have to test with a small airline if this has an effect on the number of flights offered.

My understanding from digging in the code is that the game will use the fleet count to change the proportion of flights of each aircraft type, but it won’t enforce a cap on the number of flights.

Rethinking this… actually even when the airline has just one single plane, it can offer more than one flight.

So yeah, we need some kind of Tweak which prevents that the planner allows those flight being scheduled at the same time. :confused:

All the little quirks we’re finding that I can fix and I’d like to fix…

I’m gonna need a couple months of coding time and a lot of espresso :upside_down_face:


In many flight simulation games, there are settings or options available for customizing the behavior of airlines and their aircraft. One possible solution to your problem may be to adjust the scheduling settings for the airline in question. You may be able to set a limit on the number of flights the airline can schedule per day or per week, or limit the number of parking lots it can use at once.