Flight delays due to airport staff not at boarding desk

Wondering if anyone has similar issues with flights being delayed due to airport staff not being at the boarding desk when the boarding desk is scheduled to open. From what I’ve seen they seem to be setting off to walk to the desk at the start time not already in place resulting in long delays to most of my flights.
Wonder if anyone has any ideas or suggestions. I’ve reported as bug as cant find anyone else saying they have same issue.

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With the new path finding and job assign system it helps to built staff rooms in the neighbourhood of desk, security stations, bagage systems, etc. Both on the non- and secure part. If you click the staff room you can also decide who is allowed in that room, that way you can also (loosely) determine who should be near a desk type. For now you can not assign staff to certain area’s, stands, etc, yet, but building the staff rooms close by helps.

I have had the same, but some intelligent terminal design and staff room placement has helped mitigate delays. But is not perfect, as staff sometimes still use a staff room further away.

Until the ability to allocate staff to areas is implemented, trial and error is required to work out the optimum balance here.

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I have a staff room right next to the check in desks and the boarding desks with airport staff allowed in both, it just seems sods law the person who is assigned to the job has to walk across the airport the majority of times.

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I too am having this issue. It was not as bad around 4.1/4.2 experimental releases, but recently I notice this. I have rooms in and out of security, and almost every gate has the staff arriving very late in comparison to the scheduled boarding time.

Did you account for brakes in your hiring numbers?

I’ve hired more than I need to try cover brakes, had a change with my staff rooms, only allowing them in the ones near the boarding gate and see how I get on. Thanks for the suggestions.

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And then some…, which probably slows down my employee interface. I have found that two boarding desks can really speed up boarding. Having a huge airport staff break room outside of the secure zone really helped too.

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And also keeping the numerous break rooms quite small and specific in allowed people types

The smaller dedicated rooms also help to spot if a local area has enough staff of a certain type.

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The advice here on smaller, dedicated, staff rooms seems to be helping. I generally only allow ramp and airport staff (security if near a security check), and that works ok.

Now to stop the damn pax spending so much time eating McDonald’s or whatever, so that they don’t delay and miss their flights. I have sent off empty aircraft because of this, lol. I have decided not to renew my current food contract when it expires because of this, pax must complain if the want, let them eat cake (or not, as the case may be).


It’s always once knucklehead taking their happy time at the food court of the shop that delays the damn aircraft departing on time… much realism there actually… “we are still looking for Joe Smith for our plane to depart, we will be closing the doors.”

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Lol, indeed. I now close boarding in time regardless, otherwise the airline gets peeved at ME for the PAX delaying the flight.

They’ve checked-in and are well aware of their boarding time, no excuse if they miss their flight.

I thought the airlines satisfaction was supposed to be a single digit thing…dismissing 81 gates manually… not so fun… course, my satisfaction is currently so low, I don’t even ahve businesses show up to choose for the shops/cafes

When going for a bigger airport, just skip designing for the bigger shops, you will never keep them around.

There’s much to wish for in regards to the passenger AI, yeah, will do an overhaul on them shortly to get some of the annoying behavior mitigated. Does the particular issue for OP in this post still persist?

@Olof, I’m having the issue. Airport Staff are always in a room outside of security, none ever go to the closest one if it is in a secure area; it’s like they always default to non-secure staff rooms. Then they have to go through security, but never seem to start their path with enough time to get to even the closest boarding desk. I can attest it is not just OP.

I still do, but I also think it may be that my number of needed airport staff is getting scary high. I know i"m not anwhere close and I have ~500 currently… 81 gates x 2.5 plus >160 check in desks, x2/5 plus 15%… I dread the idea of clicking the employee button this many times… 5 at a time… can we increase the employee application pool to 10-15 each time?



I like it. It seems like the ratings of the executives are pretty much not used, except to calculate their hourly salary… Seems like an HR person ought to bring with them the abilty to hire fire. It might even mean the speed and quality of the applicants found is directly tied to the HR Director.

It seems that making an efficient team, learned through this board on the security stands, is to hire as many as you can, keep hiring and then go back through and start thinning the herd of dirtbags. It seems this would work now that I can access the panel with ease finally, but it can take a while. I suppose that’s fairly close to RL though.

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