FBO's and Expanded GA Functionality

As someone with a significant amount of experience working at a few different FBO’s, it would be amazing to see added functionality to the General Aviation side of this game.

General Overview:
A new terminal type can be built called a Fixed Base Operator (FBO). This serves as a terminal for GA pilots and passengers to arrive and depart, and will also have Line Service Technicians (GA Ramp Agents), as well as fueling equipment specifically for GA, possibly with the option of self-service stands or fuel trucks. This also opens up the ability of building aircraft storage hangars and avionics or maintenance hangars, in addition to a flight school (Although these features would be much further down the road).

  1. FBO Terminal
    -Contains bathrooms, CSR/Passenger Service desks, admin offices, bathrooms, food, and access to both streetside and ramp/airside for pilots/passengers
    -Adjacent to at least (x) amount of GA stands, with either self-service fueling pumps, or fueling trucks parked nearby
    -Line Service Technicians transport passengers and pilots to/from aircraft, perform services such as cabin cleaning/lavatory dumping, and tow aircraft to remote parking/hangars
    -Potentially sign contracts with companies to:
    a) Staff the FBO
    b) Bring in regularly scheduled charter flights, or base aircraft there (e.g. NetJets, Delta Private Jets)
    c) Store their corporate aircraft at your airport for their executives in the area

  2. Hangars
    -New structures that are either custom-built by players, or have several size options
    -Store FBO-owned aircraft, such as a charter or flight school fleet
    -Store transient aircraft that are staying overnight
    -In winter, can be used to keep aircraft clean, to reduce deicing
    -Revenue based on aircraft size

Potential Benefits to the Game Experience:
-Adds an entire second path to go down in terms of building your airport and revenue streams, including several new gameplay loops, some of which can just be expanded of existing gameplay loops
-Significantly increases value of GA in the game, instead of it often just being a crutch to get you started towards commercial airline service

Hopefully this all makes sense, and is flushed out enough. Let me know what you think!

100% would vote if i could

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Sounds like a great idea. 100%

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Yes, custom-built.

You got my last vote.

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Get my last vote! Great idea.

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I totally support this and this is what I proposed a while back before the merger of Ideas and Feature Voting:

Fix Based Operator (FBO) businesses & services for charter & GA aircraft.

GA are so underprivileged and boring in the game. This would also tie in charter services for our charter airlines. And in general make the GA aspect of the game more entertaining, make GA more profitable than it currently is (not) etc…

This would include:

  • General Aircraft - tie-downs, box hangers and T-hangers (leasable and day rentable)
  • Charter Stands (already in the game - medium/small & maybe large) made to have flights scheduled - we can kinda do this already - but tie in the FBO with the charter stands
  • FBO business added in game and provide services to charter stands (medium/small & maybe large) & GA tie-downs/box & T-hangers
  • FBO Services could include (and fees associated with each):
    • stand/hanger/tie-down leasing/day-rental (aircraft would always stay at the airport other than daily/multi-day flights through the term of the lease)
    • aircraft rentals (aircraft would stay at airport and take flights from and back to the airport)
    • maintenance services
    • training services (kinda like a/c rentals) etc…
  • Fueling Services & service road connections - instead of roads connected to the GA tie-downs/hangers you would have a special pad that they could go and fuel up or you could connect a road to the tie-downs/hangers (like the de-icing pads) to make fuel truck services available to them. (This would also be nice to make possible for all the stands so that you could put 2 remote stands together with 1 two-way road between them instead of 2 two-way roads)

We should also be able to:

  • add checking, boarding, & security-checkpoints to the charter/GA facility areas. We would make this a separate “terminal” area (once the terminal release comes).
  • make it possible for the bus/car/taxi stops to drop off only charter/GA owners- & passengers (if ever added) at the FBO facility locations for check-in, boarding & maybe security. (no other passengers for commercial airlines would be dropped off at those locations).
  • make the future release public parking lots assignable to the FBO “terminal” areas.

Can we have GA tie-downs and box/T-hangers that don’t take up as much space as a small stands. I would love to have more GA areas incorporated at my airports but the small stands take up so much space compared to how small the GA aircraft are and leave so much unused space that the GA don’t use (the road and turn around area). Just an idea :slight_smile:

And make it possible to have GA tie-downs and/or box/T-hangers leasable or day rentable. The GA that lease the spots will stay at the airport and leave for day/multi-day flights and then other aircraft can fly in and rent a spot for the day or multiple days. This would incorporate the GA aspect of the game a little more. Maybe create FBO companies that provide the above services for the game and connect them to the GA hanger/tie-downs & charter stands.

How many of us only have GA aircraft at their airport to get through the tutorial in the beginning and then get rid of them afterwards? OR how many don’t even put GA at their airport and ignore the tutorial? This would make it a little more fun with the GA and a way to make it useful to have them at the airport and make a little more money than you would without the leasing/day rentals…

Right now for my charter stands I have to have the passengers enter the main terminal with all other passengers and then take a shuttle bus to the “remote” stand. So having them be able to park or be dropped off at the FBO facility area would help a lot. And still be able to use connected stands or remotes stands at the FBO Facility “Terminal”.

What do you all think?

Thanks for the consideration!

Somewhat covered here. Fixed Based Operators

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