Extend runways

I understand that there is no way to extend runways any more. (I remember it is because it was easier to implement.)
Now I found out that this is bad.
I need to demolish the runway and build a new one instead, this means loss of income.

It’s bad because a CEO-game should not force loss because of a game limitation.

[Alpha 33.2-0] (BTW the tutorial still wants you to extend the runway… it’s okay for alpha, just sayin)

Current runway will convert itself to medium runway so your airport will be operational. You can build a new large runway next to current medium runway and then you can demolish old medium runway. Or you can use both as parallel runways.


You can enable and disable construction animations via F10 menu. Also you can also take 1 million $ free money via “motherlode” code, just open code panel with F9 and write it.


Thanks for our answer.

How do I initiate that?

cheat. (FIFY) :slightly_smiling_face:

How do I initiate that?

It suppose to be like that when you initiate your old save on Alpha 33. If it doesn’t happen; file a bug report

No, that’s not the case.
I want to extend an existing small runway to a long one.
My complaint is still, that this is not possible any more with Alpha 33 (without cheating)

It is true. It was also announced by developers on Devblog 135 that runways no longer will be extentable.

I think it is goon by its own ways.

Thanks, that was the post I had in mind:

So it’s a design bug. The extension does make sense when you want a growing airport.
The runway should have upgrade-options like “to asphalt” etc: “upgrade to medium”, “upgrade to large”.
It may be a “wont do” for the devs but definitely an obstacle for me to enjoy the game… those may eventually pile up to a “wont play” for me…

you’ll get over it… I was upset about the non extended runways at first… but then I started just using 800m and 600m in my build after they announced it. and I am now use to it and don’t mind. Won’t stop be from playing for sure! Too many good things coming out!!! besides, the Large runway takes up the whole freaking side of the airport boundary. can’t really extend it much more anyways. lol

Get over it?
Extend a large runway???:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I think the upgrade possibility would be an acceptable alternative to the extension. I never needed the step-by-step upgrade anyway, but the current procedure to demolish and make new is, as I said, bad.

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