Expanding Airport Operations & Passenger Experience

Amazing work so far and super excited for the release.

As a private pilot myself and frequent flyer there are a few things i would like to ask about the passengers experience at the airport and airline operations.

Firstly Ben makes a great point about GA aircraft refuelling and that would be great to see in the future.

  1. Can we expect to have airport lounges such as first class, business class for the more wealthy travellers where food and beverages are available so these flyers don’t have to queue in the stores and food restaurants - this could include direct boarding to the aircraft from the lounge.

  2. At my airport (Manchester) there is a lounge whereby anyone can go and sit as long as they pay a fee - this would be nice to see helping to ease congestion in the airport.

  3. Taxis and busses arrive bringing travellers to the airport but you could have VIP cars/limos or blacked out sedans to drop off the first class flyers.

  4. Quite often an airline will choose a base hub which also consists of maintenance facilities. Could there be a contract option or the availability to rent out or allow the purchasing of maintenance hangers to airlines which will include hiring Mechanics or engineers (a bit like the requirements at the security gate - you need 4 mechanics/engineers for it to operate and be available for use.

  5. Flying schools which would work similar to maintenance hangers but have a staff member called instructor. This would increase GA traffic and would be nice to see. Perhaps need to unlock flight academy option in comittee.

Finally i’m unsure if this has been mentioned but for future patches has Cargo air traffic been considered - it would be so great to have a huge operations warehouse and hanger facility - this could link in to the delivery of supplies maybe? and a specific drop off zone for distribution trucks to collect the arrives goods maybe FebEX or UPZ.

Thanks and keep up the amazing work.


Hi there,
If you search the forums you will find answers to most of your questions

  1. And 2. https://forum.apoglabs.com/t/airport-lounges/504/6

  2. https://forum.apoglabs.com/t/passengers-class/850/3

Cargo air: Cargo handling? - #8 by Olof

Welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

Thanks for the kind welcome @pderuiter. I appreciate the heads up on some existing threads. Ill lake a look :smiley:

It would still be great to get some feedback on the other suggestions in this thread aside of cargo, airport lounges and classes

What are the thoughts on suggestion point 3,4 and 5

I think 3, 4, and the other 4 (5 I presume? :stuck_out_tongue: ) have been discussed elsewhere however I can’t remember the exact locations.

I do not recall there being any specific answer to any of them other than “Not right now, maybe later”.

I do like the flight school idea, though I don’t know if maintenance hangers are a thing either

This is to a similar thing:

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