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Airport CEO, any chance of making additional small commercial jets for the small stand? Jet’s that will seat maybe 5 and or another 6 or 7, Jets like the LEARJET 40XR with cool looking little twin engines, seats 6 and the Beechjet 400A which seats 7 to 9 and it’s also a twin engine. Both Jets for the small stand and a future commercial Executive Fleet?
NO propellers please, executives, want to get there very fast!!! :laughing:


I would recommend placing this in feature voting section @Gumdog

I agree


good idea!

Just think of the possibilities, to have a few single or double small engine charter jets for your Executive Fleet in your exclusive small stand… :grin:

Check out all of the possibilities with the comments @win_win and I did: Flight and Cabin Crew

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That sounds like a great idea, after all, they do change over with a fresh crew and pilots on most flights… …but what I’m talking about is in a kinda a smaller scale, it’s an executive support group that supports the executive company’s, which I know we have already in the small stand, the only thing we are in desperate need is commercial smaller jets 4,5,7 to 9 seat jets, that executives use every day and or charter to our make believe “Executive Flight” , some flights carry one of those cabin crew that would change.
Like in Chicago Midway Airport, we have “Signature Flight Support”, they have their own small stand, charter a flight today! :sweat_smile:A Support company in Midway Airport - Signature Flight Executive Employees executive small stand small stand

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