Each flights lost 1 passenger

Hi, Guys,

I have a problem:
Each outbound flight lost 1 passenger. All of them boarded to bus, but on a/c boarded on 1 person least.

Game version: Latest (28.1.5)

Save file here: Google Drive

Yeah, I’ve been seeing that too. Good I’m not the only one.


What do you do in this case? Send flight away without passenger?

I do that, otherwise you’ll have massive delays. The passenger who missed the flight will go home.

But all passengers are boarded to a shuttle bus, but when they boarding to plane - 1 person is lost. Like a magic) May be, our shuttle bus use a blood instead of petrol? :smiley:

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You would think so indeed… Did you file a bug report?

Yes, I file a report #6120 regarding this bug.

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I create a new airport with 2 remote stands. For stand #1 I’m using a shuttle bus, for stand #2 - done a sidewalk.
As results:
Stand #1 (shuttle): I’m lost 1 passenger from each flights on leg Shuttle stop - Stand #1
Stand #2 (sidewalk): All passengers are successful boarding into plane.

Save file can be downloaded here: Google Drive