[Duplicated] Upgraded / Updated Flight Scheduler

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Upgraded / Updated Flight Scheduler


The current flight scheduler is doing its intended job, but there are some weaknesses or missing attributes that would be cool to have in order to make the game more enjoyable. There would also be a need to have more options available to tune the auto-schedule function so that it works according to the CEO’s liking.

I post this feature voting thread together with Averlyn. He started the thread Flight Scheduler and there is also more information of why it is required to work on this topic.

Why it should be implemented:

Some reasons are mentioned below. I guess that there are possibly other reasons why an updated flight scheduler should be implemented. In my opinion it is one of the essential parts of AirportCEO and the better the flight scheduler tool is, the more fun a player can have in seeing the airport grow the way they would like it to. In addition, as @Averlyn mentioned, a more advanced flight scheduler would also allow/require the player to think more strategically and build a “history” of the airport.

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I agree And have the same issue when a flight is delayed the other flights don’t relocate or adjust to compensate I would like to have those flights in a hold pattern or simple solution “stand by gates” just as you can select passenger or general,an stand by option would act as an overflow gate with the implantation of satellite gates in development now this would be a perfect time to add it.

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“Another problem with the auto-scheduler is in how it schedules the flights. As it is now all of the flights in the scheduler line up causing periods of delay and congestion at event the most well thought out airports.”

Especially that part is still very much true. Anyone who knows if there are plans to adress this issue in any of the betas?

The best I can do is this feature request: Flight Planner - Drag and drop "Available Slot" or Create Templates

Would be good if we could merge this with Flight Planner - Drag and drop "Available Slot" or Create Templates

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