[Duplicated] Reserve Stands: Handling overcrowding

Feature request title:
Ability to assign a different stand when the scheduled stand is still in use / unavailable

This feature would allow the player to have a plane land EVEN if their scheduled stand is still occupied/closed. At which point a notification would popup asking where to send the aircraft from a list of available stands.

This would allow us to have a few stands that have no scheduled flights at all (being able to mark them as reserve), to be used in such occasions at the cost of a small airline/passenger dissatisfaction.

Also there should be an option to dismiss the aircraft completely at the cost of greater dissatisfaction.

Why it should be implemented:
At this point there is no option to manage overcrowding other than just dismiss the flights that currently occupy a stand. There is no option at all to handle a flight that can’t land due to unavailable stands.

In real life, airports have spare stands for such cases and will almost always not have all stands be occupied at the same time.

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As @kiwikiller41 stated, it has been requested already. Discussions can continue on that topic. :slight_smile:

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