Stand-by Plane Stands

So the thing that I currently have at my airport is that planes get delayed because people are not at the gate in time. It isnt a big delay, around 15-30 minutes. Because I have a tight schedule the next plane isnt able to land because the stand is still in use. So my idea is to have an option so that we can set stands as stand-by, which means that no flights will be assigned to this stand but if a different stand has a delay the incoming flight will be able to park here.

The second way to do this is to be able to set a certain amount of stands as stand-by instead of choosing a stand to stand-by, so that you’ll have around X stand-by stands at all times, the stands that are on stand-by will switch ofcourse.


Maybe instead of stand-by stand you can assign a stand as secondary stand and game can ask you “Stand A is occupied do you wisH to divert flight 123 to stand K?” And flight can divert to that stand. User can build some extra stands without flights for this purpose.

Same stands can aso be used for parked or towed aircrafts. Like flight arrives at 20:00 and doesn’t have to fly until 6:00 so between 22:00 and 4:00 it spend night at these extra stands.


Great ideas guys !


Park stands with and without secure connect would be awesome, a “divert to X” link would make this complete.

Love it.

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That’s also from reading that article I posted a link too… remote stands could be used for.

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We are currently discussing a solution like your idea. To have stands be marked as standby and still show up in flight planner, however, not schedulable. That could help with delays. :slight_smile:


Stand assignment flexibility: the underlying feature at play here; seems like a big task, though a feature that would be very welcome. Keep us updated on this discussion? :stuck_out_tongue:


i agree - in SA - there is stand by gates on flight scheuler - so to set up just create a bar for that gate so other plane can use it automaticlly
in real life - you would find standby gates are either remote gates or parking spaces (parking spaces is simllar to remote gates but its used for non active planes that dont not leave within 7 days - such cargo planes or planes having long layover or GA uses

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Hello @Fredrik any news about this topic? I think this is crucial to scale up operations without losing control/quality.
Another way to do this - a little more manually - is to make some stands “ignored” from the auto schedule option, so that they would remain empty and I could manually reschedule a delayed flight to that stands.



Please use this topic to discuss about standby stands/gates :slight_smile:

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