[Duplicated] Multiplayer in Airport CEO

I know, that even if developers would want to implement this idea to the game, it would not be any time soon, probably after release of the game. But I would like to talk about it anyway, that’s what this forum is for, right? wink: I actually have two ideas of multiplayer, maybe could have both together, but that is very unlikely.

  1. More people, one Airport: You could connect to someone’s (eg. Your friend’s) airport and build with him. Everyone would see the changes done by others in real time. It would be awesome for building huge airports, as everyone could concentrate at some specific part.
  2. More airports, one world: The idea is, that everyone would have an airport just like now, but it would be in one world. When an airport would be created in some kind of online mod, you could visit someone’s airport and take a look at it (same goes with others looking at yours). But most importantly planes from your airport could fly to airports owned by other players. You could possibly also have some kind of contracts between airports. But this idea of multiplayer is much less interactive.
    I know this are ideas for far future, but I think we have a good community and we could talk a bit about far future or maybe something that will not even happen too :slight_smile:
    I have not found anyone talking about multiplayer in this game yet, sorry if I missed anything.

Hmmm, I don’t see the advantage of a multiplayer mode, although I would like steam workshop support where you can share your saved games so I can play on airports built by others :).


I agree with you Alex, there’s no point to multiplayer because you’re not controlling the airlines-unless the developers add that feature.

I think multiplayer could be a nice addition to the game. At least if you want to build an airport with someone else.

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Please don’t add too much of a social aspect to this game :slight_smile:

If i want to visit other airports, having them downloadable via steam (or other means) is more than enough for me.

Secondly I don’t want the development time for this game to spiral out of control, and having the devs add a multi player layer is inviting just that.

And lastly i don’t want other players to influence my economy. I want to build at my own pace, and not be forced to keep building because i otherwise would fall behind


I personally wouldn’t like the Multiplayer aspect. I would just like being able to download others airports from the Steam Workshop. If we were all in one open world, then the competition for other airports to grow would be too competitive and tense. It wouldn’t be nice for other players to influence my economy, and it’s best to build at your own speed and not rush to catch up with the size of others airports.

I think that multiplayer isn’t needed, as the need for multiplayer isn’t really there. I haven’t seen many games similar to this that have multiplayer.

I think if you can share your airports on somewhere like steam would be better as you could add your own touch to another persons creation rather than both creating one

I do also think multiplayer is not necessary, but maybe it could be done in some nice way in far future. I also agree, that some kind of airport sharing would be nice as discussed in other topics.

I’m of the opinion that multiplayer isn’t meant for this game. Help in building won’t really matter as we are constrained by budget, not like building games like Minecraft where resources are unlimited (at least in creative mode) and players are the limiting factor.

I think, some kind of sandbox/creative mode would be nice in this game. I know it’s more fun with money, but it could be nice to try build a giant airport with unlimited money.

A sandbox mode would be especially handy if the game gets released as a beta version (which I pretty much assume since the “Steam Greenlight” is a thing) for bug busting since you can pretty much push the game to it’s limits way quicker if you have no limits that stop you (obviously financial bugs can only be fixed in normal mode then). Totally recommend the devs to implement it from the get-go.

Thanks for the suggestions. Hate to break the mood here but this is not the first time multiplayer has been suggested and discussed. We can definitely see some cool features with a multiplayer version, however, it is not something we will go for. Simply because we feel the complexity and time of building a multiplayer system is not worth the benefits. On the bright side sandbox and career are very much planned. :slight_smile:


Right decisions. :pensive:

+1 on no multiplayer. Implementing a multiplayer game, especially if it is to be any good, is insanely hard. With so many entities going around in the world like in ACEO, this would be ridiculously hard. Sandbox mode is all we need.

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huh now i’m thinking leader board and also a advantage to this would trading cargo with cargo terminals

Of course in far far future but I think ACEO Multiplayer could be like Factorio MP. 1 player build terminal and other build runway. 1 player build details on Terminal 1 and the other build Terminal 2

Also, thumbs up for ‘no multiplayer’ - there are too many planning and strategy games around that have deteriorated because of the features ‘MP’ and ‘always online’. MP also invites griefers into the game and I can do without them. Especially when simulation means that CPU is used for simulation purpose. If it also needs to synch with another machine with different specs…then good night - I do not want to have restrains on performance because someone MIGHT want to play with me or have more bugs in the game because of a feature I do not need. There are many cooperative and competitive games around meant for human interaction - go play those and enjoy. A planning and developing sim is man vs. CPU or the game itself.
Good choice!

This type of game not needed it multiplayer function. It’s not correct game to have this!!! In my opinion is just a single player! Please don’t spend precious time with this flavour feature!