[Duplicated feature] Immigration and Custom

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Immigration and Custom :stop_sign:


To facilitate international flight to an airport require to set up immigration and custom zone placed on exiting passenger flow of movement.

Immigration zone can be placed before baggage zone.
Custom zone can be placed after baggage, before exit.

Currently domestic and international flights are treated same, with this feature international flight can may be only scheduled with some advantage of having more facilities needed, like higer contract payment or higher airport passenger fee for internationl flight passengers.

Why it should be implemented:

Current Airport CEO for arrving passenger is quite simple.
Arriving passenger to an airport in Airport CEO just disembark straight trough exit, baggage collection then to bus.

Adding immigration and custom process for arrving passenger will result more realism simulation of arriving passenger. It is considerably quite essential part of airport operation.

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I second this

I suspect that nuhgl simply intends to distinguish between the interaction with a human that processes paper work (immigration) and the searching and confiscation of luggage (customs). Both of these are of course part of arriving internationally and different airports and countries handle their arrangement in various ways.

Hey, I think It would be really cool if there was customs and immigration for international flights.

A feature request called ‘Passport Control’ already has a ton of votes


Sorry if I’m posting too much…

I think you should be able to chose if your airport is international or not, and if its international, you should have to have a customs and immigration facility for international flights. This would add more realism to the game but it might be hard to develop. You would need security staff to be stationed at the facilities and check every passengers passport. This would make more sense after multiple floors is implemented, though.

[Duplicated Feature] Passport Controls - #10 Yes this made it to the top 5 in last feature voting. Hopefully it will win in the next round

Needs to be added ASAP! Very important for realism of the game.

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This feature is indeed targeted for implementation before a full version is achieved, can’t say when but regardless of community feature voting results it will be implemented! :slight_smile:


Awesome, to hear that @Olof. Also this would solve another problem. And at this point on big airport. Anyone can walk in to baggage claim an potentially take a random bag. Ofc this could also be solved with one-way doors.

Because there are international flights, there should be customs and maybe special walkways for arrivals.


Hello, I believed this topic should be closed such as the [Duplicated Feature] Passport Controls - #15 because the feature has already been indicated as selected in the topic : https://forum.apoglabs.com/t/passport-control-customs-selected-for-implementation/10394

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