[Duplicated] Crazy idea : Multiplayer

At first, you might think this idea sounds a little bit silly, but I think it just might work. So, multiplayer! Yes, yes. I know. How can you possibly make a multiplayer for an airport tycoon game, but here me out. In the multiplayer, you would be competing with everyone to make the most profitable airport within a certain time frame. At the end of the time, each person would get points for being the most profitable, best passenger happiness, best airline happiness, etc. I think this could be interesting. So, how bout that?

Been suggested, not happening. Please use the search function :stuck_out_tongue:

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The idea is certainly interesting.
However, the devs have - on multiple occasions - been very clear that multiplayer will not be happening due to the increased complexity and time it would take.

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There is way easier way.

You open a topic: “In 24 hours whoever’s airport gets the most profit, he wins”


Well if you see, this isn’t a FPS game or a very random generated Tycoon game.

In Transport Tycoon: Stats, Cities, Factories and Resources are randomly generated. So this means it will require a different strategy everytime. Thus it suits Multiplayer

ACEO: It is highly improbable that the stats will be random (More or less similar even in future updates)*. So this will result in the community coming up with a defined strategy for success in the games and lot will depend on luck too. Multiplayer sounds like a cool idea but it isn’t worth it spend hours optimization the game and network coding for it. It will be popular once released but then fade out.

As i said the goal of the player in ACEO is making the ‘best’ profitable Airport. Whereas in multiplayer it would mean following a defined strategy for maximum profits in order to win the game.

*Random stats like passengers, etc isn’t suited as we want to build an airport in a small cities with demand as high as Heathrow. So most probably it won’t change.

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Maybe just MAYBE the best option for MP is distribution of roles. Someone will be CEO, someone will be CFO, someone will be in charge of flights someone will be in charge of construction etc…

But I am sure it will take so much time of developers.

You could always play succession maps :slight_smile:

This has been suggested, and as bigbigcheese said, it will never happen, or at least for a very long time.

I prefer some workshop, which allow us to make custom livery, triple decker A390 some crazy stuff

It will be there… as modding is a major factor behind a game’s success (Ex: Cities Skyline) (though not all). Devs have repeatedly said that they will include modding support in the later part of the game development.


I am sure there will be modding support. I eeven bet that the very first mod will be real airlines. :wink:

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Almost certainly. If not real airlines, modding to include additional airlines will probably be relatively simple.

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The one thing that could be most time consuming to make would be how to include the liveries. Names and percentages could be as simple as a text file, but getting the planes to the right color scheme is more work :slight_smile: