[Duplicated] Cargo flights

I searched the existing topics but didn’t see anything mention cargo operations. An Idea I had was the implementation of Cargo-airlines which could use existing aircraft models, Bigger stands, Cargo transporters, High-loaders and a Cargo Shed that allows cargo to be taken in from the aircraft airside,
processed and removed by trucks landside.

I’m talking about regular freight/parcel airlines such as DHL, UPS, FedEX, SwiftAir, West Atlantic etc, not the huge stuff like belugas or antonov 225s

While cargo is not implimentated, there are a few cargo planes out there. FedEx I’ve done myself and I know a few others have done more. All on the workshop too.

Devs confirmed in a post they cargo is not planned for 1.0 release.

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i just saw someone made an airbus beluga cargo aircraft

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i heard somewhere that cargo will be DLC after the full releace

That was never confirmed

definitely not confirmed by the dev himself
Dev Blog 137: Airport CEO celebrates two years in Early Access and putting the final touches on Alpha 33 - #21 by Olof

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Large jets have been implemented by now.

Cargo is a feature requested in many many different topics. I wonder if this is considered for the v1.0 release of airport ceo ? I think this subject was replied to at some time.

This was made 2 years ago

@cindercide could you please change the topic to ‘Large Jets’ so it can be set to [Implemented] by the devs and create a new topic for the Cargo? But AFAIK that has been requested a couple of times, so maybe good to check that before you create a new one for the same thing. :wink:

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