DevLog 70: Steam Greenlight Campaign Cancelled, Realism & The New Road Ahead

This one has a little bit more flesh on the bones than the previous ones. Enjoy!


Nice to see more significant progress, looks like every day it gets closer to launch!

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Very positive indeed!
Great work guys!

I really like the implemantation of the multiple runway system, however I don’t like the edgy corners on the taxi/runways, it does look a bit to square and straight to me.
Is there a way of smoothing out the corners?

Really hyped about the game!

Good Night!

3 words I Can’t Wait
I’m happy for you guys having so much progress I hope all goes well with becoming a recognized company in Sweden :sweden: best of luck

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Hope the launch of Steam Direct does not delay the game anymore :disappointed:

Well a new gameplay vid and like it says more things implement all I have to say is as soon as it comes out I’m getting it or after I’m back to my computer from vacation

Was that a remote stand I saw in the image…?

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Love 2 runways, will there be proper numbering on them, like 27R and 27L and if a third on same angle 27C? Looking awesome as always. Good luck with Valve and the bank, hope to get my hands on a copy soon.

I read the title as u guys decided to not put it on steam at all and I was like :scream:


It launches in one week, and the game won’t be ready by next week. So it won’t have delayed it. If anything, it means that the potential delay of getting Greenlit won’t happen (not likely to have been an issue for this game, but the potential was there).


Is this the best DevLog for ACEO?? Cause I feel so.


I guess there has to be a “V2” between V1 and Rotate :slight_smile:
But anyway you guys are amazing and I can’t wait to play this game. I… just CAN’T WAIT ANYMORE! :stuck_out_tongue:


yay for multiple runways
yay for boxes with an actual purpose / destination

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Looking forward to release :+1:

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Haha, we click baited you… :sunglasses: … no but in all seriousness I think that Steam Direct will be a better platform to release the game via. It looks like it will be a lot better for us and that means a lot better for you! Can’t wait… :smiley:


Perhaps , i repeat myself - but i’m so excited. my girlfriend says that i’m a nerd - but that’s ok ! :slight_smile:

I am really looking forward to this game, but it seems steam makes everything a little bit more bureaucratic. Which is sad :frowning:

Well, Black taxiways are realistic for a brand new airport. It can take years to go to more grey coloured.

Are you referring to this?