(DevLog70) Texture Mismatching Bug

First of all Devlog 70 is awesome. I just can’t wait to play it anymore and I am planning to hack Fredrik or Olof’s PC’s to get the game. (joking :stuck_out_tongue: )

I noticed something on one of picture of Devlog 70. It is not a game breaking bug, probably not many people would notice but it still itches me.


Look at top left of image where 4-way cross-road is located. There is a slightly texture mismatch between 4-way and airplane parking spot.
Another texture mismatch is again on top left of image, between road and GA parking spot. Not only textures but strips are mismatching too.

I just posted what I noticed. No harsh feelings :slight_smile: (but still this bug itches me)

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We are aware of it. It is because the stands are drawn as a single texture and the roads are drawn as tiles sprites. The advantage is greater performance as the entire stand tarmac is drawn as 1 object rather than 10X10 sprites meaning 100 objects. So the reason for using different techniques is simply to save on fps, unfortunately this also creates a small mismatch but I will see if we can improve it.


And to add to what Fredrik said, we’ll not allow bug posting threads until the game is released. Development is so rapid now so that there’s no point in pointing out minor details like this now, there however of course will be further down the road! :slight_smile:

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