DevLog 59: Gameplay Video Release Week!

We’re back on track again and even got some new .gifs for ya’. Not as fun as the video perhaps but always something! :wink:

Lol with the smiley as the placeholder. Oh well! Enjoy.


You guys stay up late. :slight_smile:

As much as I would love to be able to play the game now, I’m glad you guys are polishing out things. I think there have been a lot of games that hit EA and had so many bugs due to rushing the product out that they were not playable. Thus causing massive negative reviews and turning people off of the game.
Keep it at your pace, I know once the game is released, alpha or full, it definitely changes the development aspect of the game.


U added A CEO avatar??? Can we move it??

I really can’t wait until the release of this game! It’s a game I’ve been wanting for so long now.

I’m liking the speed we are heading with the development so far, looks like we’ll hopefully be on track for a Q1 release? :wink:


That is the plan, walk around a bit at least.


Nice to have the devlog back :slight_smile: A question arose when I saw the baggage belt. Will there be pre-made baggage carousels or will we create them? Maybe zone an area around a baggage belt or a special baggage belt that peeps can take luggage from?

Yayy! Glad to see my wish of a CEO Avatar is implemented!

Quick question.

Is the plan still to release the game via Steam? If so you might want to go ahead and get the greenlight campaign going “proper” so you can release when you want. I think you’ll sail through greenlight within a few days, and if you really are looking at a release within weeks the time is probably right. With the first gameplay video alone you have demonstrated more content than most other games combined so I’d hope that you would be greenlit very quickly. With another gameplay video coming soon as well, it might help get the word out to a larger audience.

The other thing is that Steam are of course going to scrap greenlight soon (all we know is Spring - and Spring is here) replacing it with a system where you pay to publish the game. The cost hasn’t been released but could run into thousands of dollars. You may well be hit with this unexpected bill if they launch this without further warning, so going for greenlight soon could be a reasonable insurance clause.


The baggage system looks great.
By the way, how the baggage is transported from the belt to the plane, by workers or by trucks?

Trucks. There is a screenshot on the website with the baggage handling system :slight_smile:

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I fully agree, you guys should really consider running through greenlight asap. There are games that are greenlighted for more than a year before release, so I don’t see any problem in running the campaing now, just in case.

And i also heard Valve is soon going to replace the greenlight with something else… which many say will be more costly.

Edit: Yeah got the name… ‘Steam Direct’… but after reading the details, i don’t think it’ll be major problem for this project. The only con is that Devs will have pay a more expensive ‘Publishing Fee’.

You really get a lot done ! It’s looking promising.
Maybe what is suggested above isn’t a bad idea at all, if you are in steam greenlight and have it all set up.
You can release it whenever you feel it’s polished enough.

True, but if it is a $5000 publishing fee they may well need to raise money via a crowdfunding initiative which could add further delay. If it gets greenlit (which it will within a few days I reckon) the there’s no funding delay.

I read a few days ago that is something like 90€. According to a developer of another game that has gone throught it already.

It won’t be that low as rumours are there about high fees… Somewhere near €200-500. Just a guess tho.

I hope it’s not $5000. It’s too high. And if it’s introduced, indie market on steam will die because of it.

The smiley :smiley: made me smile. hahah :smile:

The video was really great. (I watched it 4 AM in the morning cuz my cat woke me up anyways so I thought “oh wth why not” :hushed:) And it was worth the sleepiness in the day.
Your commenting was indeed awkward but it was funny in a good way. :smiley: Made you very sympathic and your accents are Swedishly nice. :wink: So, no shame
One little thing for the future could be that you should not be too shy to explain what you do and what we see a bit more precisely. But obviously, if you do this the first time for a 10k strong crowd, I wouldn’t be too talktive, too. :persevere:

Looking very forward for more stuff and… :wave::euro: - catch! :grimacing:



YEAH, DEVLOG!!! :grinning: The video was great, I cannot wait for vid 2.

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