DevLog 59: Gameplay Video Release Week!

I’ve assumed that they may have already paid for this for Steam Greenlight (hence how they have a concept page) but the new fee proposed is a fee per game released and would replace this fee. I don’t know how much it will cost - I wouldn’t expect it to be $5000 per game but that’s the upper estimate I’ve seen proposed. I think it will probably be relatively high to discourage the dirge.

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That’s the current price… we r talking about Steam Direct that will replace Greenlight soon.

@me123 I think the Devs have already bought… Let’s wait and see.

Sorry! didn’t know it had a name already haha!
I looked up some articles but it really is a strange direction Steam went into.
But i like to see less trash games on it as well.
How can they draw a line to make this work for all the decent game developers? (one man, small team, big team etc)

Devs… How many objects can the current build simulate without any lag on Mac…
In other words, how many passengers can i receive without any lag??

Good question! I am currently re-implementing the passenger and employee life cycles after some pretty major reconstruction so this is one thing I’ll test once its done. The last time I did such a test, months back, we were simulating something like 1000 passengers and a few hundred bags and couldn’t, at the time, notice any major lag. I’ll get back to this, our ambition is to by pre-alpha to at least simulate 1000+ agents without any noticeable lag (as of the pax).

But then again, it all depends on the specs of your computer.


Hello! Having become incredibly frustrated with another recent title in this genre (mentioning no names) thankfully I stumbled upon the recent video on youtube and immediately became very excited about Airport CEO, even when I realized that the game had not yet been launched. I wanted to congratulate you both on all your hard work to date and thank you for creating the game that I’ve been searching for over the years.

As much as I want to get my hands on the game, having been part of the prison architect early access I fully understand why you are keen to remove all the bugs etc before launch, but already I think you seem to have a game of a very high quality on your hands.

When you have time down the line I am also very keen on the idea of incorporating freight into the game on freight and passenger flights as has been touched on and also feel that an area which could provide plenty of replay opportunity is to have criminals / wanted persons / banned items in luggage and for these people being tracked down / handed over to the airport police. I appreciate this feature would be a long way off after launch but think it could provide an interesting side quest in seeing the criminal detained, taken to the station, interviewed and other people they were with or evidence / suspicious items being tracked down. For those who don’t want this level of detail there could be an option to “leave it to the authorities” or select not to be notified.

Anyway, short version…Keep up the good work and thank you!


On the subject of fps drop, when zooming out on all the contractors there was a noticeable framerate drop. Is this the recording? Or just too many damn trees?

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It could be partly because of the recording but we are aware that when you have a large airport there is a lot of stress on rendering all the objects when zoomed out. But remember this was recorded on a Mac (not really a gaming computer) which also could have affected the fps. But as I said, we are aware of this weakness and currently working on optimizing.

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I think in this case it could also have been due to objects with lights, which we haven’t tweaked at all yet, so there’s definitely some polishing to do there as well.

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Be careful with pathfinding and lagging. I read in Steam people complaining about that “other game” that it cannot handle more that 300-350 people/passengers even on very high-end computers, which sucks. And that they get stuck quite a lot.

SimCity has small maps because it just wouldn’t be able to handle all the agents in a larger map, even on a very good computer, as EA admits. And nobody likes that. Then again, EA are crap.

On the other hand, Cities: Skylines works very well, at least for me, even with huge cities, despite the fact that it tracks citizens and trafiic individually.


OffT but anyways:
To be fair, those people are definetely pretending. :smirk: “Very high-end computer” don’t lag on “that other game”. My PC has an (old) i7-4770K, GTX1070 (always doing 4K), 16GB-1666MHz slow RAM and “that game” is resting on my basic HDD and not on my SSD. My PC starts noticing I run that game when I have 1,000 moving people on my screen and even then it’s only when I speed up 5x. Tbh, even then it’s a drop of maybe “fluent” to 40-50 FPS when all people start boarding (thus start doing sth). You barely notice that drop.
In general with a normal high-end PC like mine you can bring all games to their coding limits. E.g. Cities Skylines is poorly coded and runs like crap or even crashes when you do too much with it at the same time. :smiley:

I am sure ACEO will run flawless since as I’ve read out of the DevLogs the testrigs are not high-end whatsoever and on those they already try to get it lag free with a decent amount of peeps running around. I wouldn’t worry too much about that.

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