DevLog 43 Delayed!

Hi there,

So we’ve been really swamped this week with school stuff and work stuff meaning that there is literally not enough time to write a devlog, however, we have of course as always made progress.

We didn’t want to wreck the “reputation” of the devlog by writing something really short and without pictures so here’s a super short informal update instead:

We’ve made major progress with the saving and loading function. What does this mean? It means that the game is taking a giant leap towards becoming playable. This is, as mentioned in last week’s episode, a crucial game function since people must be able to save and load their sessions and it has also been the biggest obstacle yet. The game wasn’t originally designed to be of this scale (which we’ve also mentioned earlier) but since it became something a lot bigger we had to adapt and implement serialization and deserialization.

This entire week has gone into preparing and implementing the first stages of serializing persons which means a lot of variables and a lot of data to keep track of since persons can be saved at any stage in their simulation and therefore they must also been resumed. This has resulted in a lot of reconstruction of code in order to fit the newly implemented saving and loading for persons and has ultimately resulted in employees now being 100% savable and loadable. This week, we’ll continue with passengers and hopefully finish that up until next Monday. As you can imagine, this is only a lot of work going into stuff that you really can’t show and therefor there’s no new images this week.

In excess of this, we’ve had time to test the ATC and have completed som stress testing of the flight landing and taxiing simulation which also has resulted in a lot of improvements.

Thank you for reading, next week we’ll be sure to make the devlog. Also, congrats to all of you who got a nice new shiny badge! Depending on where this forum goes in the future, it might be cool to show off at a later stage…

See you soon and have a good week! :airplane: :airplane: :airplane:


Hey Dev Team,

Don’t worry. We all know that some times it’s really tough and the week has only 7 days.

Thx for your work :slight_smile:

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Don’t worry. Take your time. To be frank I can’t believe we all have been this far this fast on the development.


Send us your homework, we’ll do it, you focus on the game :wink:


Was this posted on Reddit as well? Or did i jus miss it :slight_smile:

thanks for the update :wink:

… that reads like a DevLog to me, so no complaints here! It’s great to hear an update, no matter how brief.

They recently linked to this post on the reddit.

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Don’t worry guys this to me is a great update it can’t be easy doing this and studying as well just take your time and things will turn out fine. Can’t wait to see what you have for us next week. Have a good weekend.

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look at this post for the mean time

Well this blog post may not have pictures but it was a good read and it’s great to know that the game is getting close to a playable stage. Take you time! thanks for the update :airplane:

Since you are frank… can I be Brian?