DevLog 40: Contracts, A New Aircraft & Construction Iteration

Hey there dear forum reader, great to have you here. Kudos on all the fun topics posted this week, it’s been very interesting reading up on them and I learnt unexpectedly much about thrust reversers.

Have you checked out this weeks development blog? Do it now and then let your voice be heard! :slight_smile:

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I actually enjoyed reading this one!! :smiley: What I think would be nice though, is that the builders don’t just get born from the front of the bus, LOL! I think a nice realism touch would be that they use the door.

I’d also like to see those metros! :smiley:

I wanna be honest though. I feel like the turning styles of vehicles need to be tweaked. Other than that, I find this game to be a very nicely growing game!! Keep it up!!

This DevLog covers up most of what I am expecting! Good stuff!

For the contracts the class of the airline seen is small but will we be informed what type of planes they intend to use?

Ahh, the weekly DevLog. It’s becoming a highlight of my week!

I like the idea of an hourly economy - it allows us to build throughout the day rather than waiting for a lump sum at the stroke of midnight.

I like the way the contracts are presented on the screen, and I think it’s great that we can contract development work out. I’m not so sure about some of the text, for example: “This is a contract between CLM, from now on known as the airline, and the airport”. It’s accurate, but maybe a little verbose? There’s also a very strange segment in the construction contract: “The contractor will supply the airport with 100 contractors”. I know what you mean, and it is exampled that you’re getting a hundred skilled construction workers, but maybe that could be clearer from the outset?

I think what the contracts entail for the flights are good. Interestingly, I see that CLM are providing two flights a day, but I’m not sure where on earth they’re going. Would be great to see airlines offering flights to specific destinations in their contracts (for example, CLM might be setting up two flights a day to Amsterdam, or one flight a day to Amsterdam and one flight a day to Paris or something).

Looking really good overall though, can’t wait for next week, and maybe afterwards the long awaited play though vid!

In terms of the contracts for airlines I would actually prefer to depart from the skeuomorphic style and actually show a list of available contracts and a globe/map on the side which would show (on selection or hover) the airline’s hub and the routes/flights it plans to introduce.

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That’s nice

You guys does a great job. I can’t wait until the first alpha for the community. :yum:

The only thing, the Airline contracts could a little be more detailed. Like a pictures from the aircraft, a Map which shown the flight route… And what about the currency Symbol and two digits behind the comma :wink:

Okay time to read…

I like the contract layout. Looks professional however as stated before by others. Would be nice to know what kind of airplane to expect. Easier to plan if there will be different gate sizes.

Great with contractors and handymen!

Gameplay video?! :astonished:

Thanks for the replies everyone!

While we appreciate your detailed feedback, there’s no need for commenting on specifics of text and stuff like that. The point of the devlogs is to show you the work in progress and as mentioned in each post, the text of the contract is very rough and we are showing you a concept rather than a finished product.

A map and what kinds of aircraft they plan to use will indeed be added, would be a pretty cool feature as well to draw routes on that map. We’ll have to leave space on the first page of the contract since the bigger the airline is the more likely it is that they will have more requirements. However, there could definitely be a page two where we would feature a global map with routes, what flights are relevant for that specific contract and a list of trafficking aircraft models. Good idea, there’s absolutely still work to be done here.

@hccampos: We have this system for franchise contracts and it’s displayed via a panel that pops up when you press on a room similar to Project Highrise), you haven’t seen it yet though. We’ll see how each system develops over time, I personally like skeuomorphic UIs as its natural (hopefully at least, if done correctly) intuitiveness usually means that you don’t have to spend time explaining what or how stuff work. Anyway, it might be difficult to overlook, and we could always end up with a panel that would support two kinds of sorting.


@Olof and @Fredrik I really must say I enjoy how much y’all are into discussion with us, it means a lot to know that we as a community have some say in the game!! :smiley:

Keep up the good work!

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Of course! We wouldn’t be here without you.