Dev Blog 147: Multiple terminals and elevators

Here’s this week’s dev blog! Sorry about the delay, was finally able to find a stable connection.

Enjoy! :slight_smile: :flight_departure:


Wait, one, two, three? Do I count correctly?


@Olof, @Alexander: A question regarding translation efforts:
The concept of elevators embraces travel between multiple floors?
Then the Elevator.cs.key.0 and Elevator.cs.key.1 refer to the top as in ‘topmost’ and bottom as ‘lowest’ floor in that elevator, right? It is just for being sure to use superlative over comparative grammar-wise.

Additionally: Great new plane models. I just hope you will not forget other ‘weight classes’ for having the big ones. :slight_smile:


Other weight classes are very much in development.


can’t wait to play A35!

How are public parking lots affected by Terminals? If we have 2 terminals far away from one another with two different parking areas, do we have to make public access for passengers to get to either terminal?

Super excited! Keep up the hard work! And you too stay safe and wash those keyboards and mouse pads as well, and phones!!! Don’t just put down your phone or pause working to wash your hands, but to also sanitize other areas you handle constantly during the day!


Awesome devblog guys but… please tell me there will be singular elevators as well :worried: Also why an empty shaft?

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I’m not sure if it is possible, but I would prefer it if objects not assigned to any terminal (for example bus stops or check-in desks) to be useable by any terminal instead of only by non-terminal items. That way I could set up a general entrance with loads of busstops and then only have the different terminals start at the check-in desks (or perhaps after security).

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It looks to me like you can place as many besides each other as you like, and in the blog example they just placed 3 single elevators next to each other (the wall was added manually afterwards).
The empty shaft is there because the elevator in the middle is only stopping at different floors, not at the one they’re watching.

@RubenGass That was my first thought too, having public transport in the middle between the two terminals. However I can see that this might cause quite some problems again, so the current version simply is the “simple” one.
In the end, we can still have the central public transport and just designate half of it for each terminal.


I understand why they did it, but I would prefer development to take slightly longer and have more flexibility than just going for the “simple” option.

And I know, first iterations and then refining so maybe it will be changed in the future. We’ll just have to see but I would prefer a system where communal items can serve all items rather than communal items only serving non-assigned items.


The whole point of having terminals is to allow for passenger drop off and pick off to be sent to the correct bus stops etc… If you are having all pax arrive and dropped off at the same location there is no real reason to use the terminal option and to just use security zoning like we do now for each separate secure zone for different concourse or piers etc…

Basically what you are describing is 1 terminal because all arrival and departures come and go at the same place.


It would be nice to be able to use the staff and vehicle assignment tool on concourses without needing to make an entirely separate concourse.

My drug fix is here! Love it as usual.
Will we be able to name Terminals/Zones ourselves?

I hope we will be able to build 2 floor store/restaurant/cafe/bar so we can use elevators there :laughing:

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Very cool, but if it interests you, I found a small error. It’s supposed to be ‘please note’ not ‘please not’.

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No information for people who following the game process on steam.

Are we able to have the ability to have one terminal with baggage service and another terminal without baggage service?

Can’t wait for this to come out to play!

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You should add hand sanitizers!
and you forgot to post the devblog on steam-

Yes, they are placed one by one. The screenshot simply showed the three together. The empty shaft is what’s displayed when an elevator is not present (or when there’s no entry).

The Steam news post feature was broken at the time of publish, that’s now been fixed and the message posted.

Yes but it may impact your baggage handling rating.

I don’t understand the point of this at all really, do you have any real world examples? Every airport I’ve been to that has separate terminals (like 1, 2, 3 or A, B, C) also have separate public transit stops. “Get off at this station if you want to get to terminal A”. And as Gerwanese said you could simply build them together and split them up via the paint tool if you’d prefer a specific design.

It’s not a matter of providing a “simple” option, it’s a matter of providing the option that makes most sense.