Dev Blog 145: Passport checkpoints and immigration, self check-in, segregating departure and arrival and more!

Good evening everyone! Sorry for the delay but this one took a long time to write but we’ve compensated you with a lot of pictures. Check it out here:

Enjoy! :flight_departure:


Wow, that was quite the dev blog! I’m really excited to see all the new features.


“complex migration relationships”
found a typo

Nice read on a saturday night !

god, YESSSSSSSSS!!! :smiley: can’t wait for this to drop!

Nice one, really excited for this to come! I was hoping to read something about customs too, which is also an effective measure for segregation of passengers in international terminals. Is that not planned at all?

nice dev blog and can’t wait to actual try the new update.

This update also includes both restaurants and airline business lounges as well as walkalators and ultimately support for multi-terminal layouts


I wonder how lounges will work. Will airlines demand lounges for their passengers’ use, or will there only be common use lounges?

looks great

i love it however big question what about connecting flights passegners who want transfer between planes - how that will work?


WOOHOOOW what an awesome devblog! I haven’t seen a devblog with this much pictures in it. Okay now game becomes complex enough even for my taste.

Restaurant CEO?

Apoapsis Studio’s new game title? :smiley:

His son Hugo says “hej” to the entire ACEO community and thanks you for lending him his dad for a little while.

Awww :heart_eyes: Make sure to give “How to start coding 101” book as birthday present :wink:


This Alpha update looks like the biggest one yet with all the major additions and changes. Can’t wait to give world travel a go! :earth_americas:

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In case I missed it in the Dev Blog… did they mention when they expect alpha 35 to be released? Or even the beta version for us to test?!

Amazing :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: hopefully we have much much more land to build our airports now, cause on 4 tiles we have now it’s hard to build major airport… anyways amazing devblog.



One question @Olof, Will you still be able to have medium aircraft on a large stand? If so will all the passengers have to go through passport control??

EDIT: When will Cargo be implemented?

agree with your point. maybe one day we will get more land

EDIT: When will Cargo be implemented?

Cargo has never been on agenda and I don’t expect it before full game release.



Wow! That’s a serious devblog.

But, with all this content and possibilities, we now need bigger map. You hear? We want bigger maps! :wink: :smile:

Good job, can’t wait to start playing with this new update (but I have to remove at least one runway to make room)

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No words about Multiple Liveries :cry: