Dev Blog 143: Back in business with Alpha 34 on the experimental branch

The first dev blog of the decade is here! Nothing fancy though, we are as you know very busy with stabilizing Alpha 34 and hope to bring you more information on Alpha 35 moving forward this mild winter…

Great to be back! :heart: :partying_face:


The penultimate major update for Airport CEO

This makes me hyped for, and dread, 1.0 at the same time…


I can’t wait to see new features. I also wonder how things will be changed with Passport controls :smiley:


Great (small) blog guys! Good to hear you enjoyed the time off and started again with a fresh and open mind. Good luck with the move, although it’s not far it’s still a move with all the hassle around it…

Indeed looking forward to the A35 features already :blush:, but let’s not forget the amazing A34 features we got :heart_eyes_cat:! Let’s help balance those out in the upcoming weeks so we have the best foundation for A35! :smiley_cat:

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features included in this update such as elevators, walkalators, one-way doors and various passenger behavior related improvements the two most major changes in this update will be the addition of support for proper multiple terminals and passport immigration. Just like with the multiple floors update this will be another major change to how you can and should construct terminals and passenger flow in Airport CEO.

I am so happy. IMMIGRATION! Yes, thank you. :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:


Well I think not if it’s going to change the way the passenger flow of the whole airport, right. :wink::wink::slightly_smiling_face:

cant wait so i hope its very soon like after Alpha 34 meaning we dont have wait for long time

Looks superb - I’ve not had a chance to play yet…! Impressive strategy moving forward as always.

Also honoured to see one of my suggested features has been selected for implementation too! Thanks guys!

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Good to hear that you had a nice break! And really nice to hear how you are picking up the pace! Can’t wait to see what you guys have in sore for us.

A question that came up with the future introduction of passport-control/customs is if it’s still be possible to have a single terminal setup like Schiphol has.

In 2015 it introduced central security, here is some info on it:

This is one of the most modern approaches to airport/flight security.
Would we be able to manage pax like this in future versions?

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Central security is common practise for the modern airport
As far as i know SIN T1-3 & KUL do security check at gate

With A35 being all about items in the terminal, I think there should be a time and place for every item. A lot of games have a linear progression where each unlocked item replaces the previous item, as is the case with the new ATC Tower buildings. Each new tower is a better version of the previous tower, so why would I ever have anything but the latest tower?

With the new items for A35 I think it would be nice if each item offered a “unique” benefit, something to create a divers airport where all items are actually used. The security checkpoint could be a good example:

  • The small checkpoint is the cheapest. (most PAX checked per money spend)
  • The basic checkpoint is the fastest in basic checks. (most PAX checked per minute if the PAX has no baggage)
  • The extensive checkpoint is the fastest in extensive checks. (most PAX checked per minute if the PAX has baggage)
  • The advanced checkpoint is the safest. (lowest chance of something going wrong, could increase security rating (requirement for some destinations?))

In a map I could find a place for each type of checkpoint and it would prevent making one item a simple upgrade from the previous item.