Forum has no more discussion place

Since the “Ideas” section merged with the “Feature Voting” section we have lost a general place to discuss thoughts. Sometimes things come up where I wish to express a thought for a new feature and see what other players think, without it necessarily being up for voting. The other categories, modding, community content and aviation talk, aren’t discussion places either for in-game topics.


I got to say you have a valid point. Maybe you can use “Offtopic” section for these discussions but it is not very known channel and people barely notice that exists.

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‘Off topic’ also does not appear in the ‘latest’ and ‘new’ section.

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I didn’t know “Off topic” exists until now because it’s not even shown in the “Categories” view. Does anyone know why? If it’s almost impossible to find, it’s pretty much useless unless you want to hide a message…

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Never have noticed that, but often was wondering why offtopic is so dead, here… Could be an explanation.

Edit: I think in desktop clients it is visible, but here, on mobile client I can not see it.
Edit: Ok, it is ‘hidden’ as subforum of ‘community content’… Makes sense, but moving it to an own main categorie is worth a thought, imho.

It’s not a subforum of Community content, it’s a separate category. Just visible in the listbox, hidden everywhere else on desktop pc:

I’m not sure if off-topic is even the right name for it, nor do I really see what should be in off-topic since it will mostly be ‘aviation talk’.

I was primarily talking about things like below. It’s a general discussion based on player experience with feedback for the game, so maybe a topic called ‘feedback’ would be more fitting.

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I’ve found out, it was “muted” in my Preferences. (Notifications->Categories).
Now I can see it like any other category…

Is this by default, or had I forgotten I muted it myself…? :thinking:
Perhaps devs or @JeremyK could doublecheck…?

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Same for me and I for sure didn’t do it myself, so it seems to be preset.
Thank you for finding the solution!

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Off topic is muted by default and that’s intended. Topics should be placed in the appropriate category to maintain the quality of the discussions on this forum, hence topis that are not properly categorized will not enjoy the same exposure.

As for discussions, we do have the feature meta category where anything relating to features can be discussed so not sure what the issue is?

Feature voting meta wasn’t clear to me, too, even it’s obvious, looking at it now… :thinking:

The issue is, that offtopic is almost dead… :stuck_out_tongue:

I would appreciate to bring more life into offtopic section… Perhaps changing presets could help here, as imho many people do not even know it exists, as Gerwanese has proven…

But, that’s the point. Off topic is not related to the contents of this forum, so it’s no wonder that it’s dead. This forum is about Airport CEO and at a stretch aviation in general, while off topics are allowed they are… off topic and thus not promoted! :slight_smile:

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Wow, I didn’t even notice the “Feature Voting Meta” category before… Unfortunately those sub categories are only visible once you open the main category.
At least it’s on top once I go into the Feature Voting category. Recently I also created a topic in Support which belonged to a sub category, but there they’re even less visible (only in the “all >” listbox). :wink:

Anyways, for reading I’m fine with the “Latest” list which is independant from categories, and if I create a topic in the wrong category luckily there are good admins like EG0611 who move it. That’s okay for me.

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You don’t see this?

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Oh right, in the Categories view I can see it… so my fault, from the Latest view I just always use the select box to change to a category. In this case… I’ve never said anything. :smiley:

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