Dev Blog 140: Alpha 33 and The Big Bird Update released! ... and the pillars of Alpha 34

Here you go, CEO! :trophy:


Very exciting! I’m really interested in how the new progression system will play out. Keep up the great work! :wink:


Are the aircraft arrival/departure destination locations getting tweaked in 34 as well?

“Alpha 34 will bring a set of important improvements that surround how are generated as well as giving you more control over ATC functions like the runways and the auto planner.”

Ohhhhhhh lawd it finally coming!


Such an awesome dev blog to read! Love your style of writing. Really high standards in terms of quality and humor. :laughing: Getting really excited for Alpha 34.

Quick note: You meant alpha 33, aren’t you? Otherwise I missed the new update lol

“All things considered, Alpha 34 has been the most stable release we done to this date which is a very good thing – the big bird update thankfully did not become the bug bird update.“

„Alpha 34 brought many, many bug fixes to the pathfinding system and this has allowed us to detect a behavioral issue that we’re now working on resolving with a bigger systematic change to the working system surrounding the pathfinding algorithms.“

Keep up the good work guys! :muscle:


Thank you! :heart_eyes: … and yes we did, we can always count on you to bug report the dev blogs too! :smiley:

Dev blog 140.1-0 patch note:

  • Fixed an issue where Alpha 33 was named as Alpha 34

Awesome! Thank you for the hot fix. Otherwise I would start yelling at Steam, why there is no Alpha 34 version of the game. :grin:


I’m super excited about the autoplanner and rating system! It’s going to be so fun to balance cost and quality in an airport. Cheers!


Can’t Wait! :grin: :partying_face: when was the last time you slept?

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Hopefully we will see moving walkways in the next version, can’t wait to control with them the passenger flow better inside the terminal and in the middle of my parking area as well

I think the worst part about the game is flight scheduling, I hope that gets addressed in a future update.

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Prob alpha 35 the terminal update

What an exciting dev blog! I’m really curious about that twist you are planning.

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@Olof sounds awesome! Thank you! Is there a chance to get multiple livery back to game? The Modder Community is missing this feature hardly!

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I agree. Though that’s a Fredrik thing.

I might not have read it entirely correct, but was there any mention to anything about customs, security operations, and like special staff communications officer or director. If not this is a HUGE suggestion.

Also, I am SO L👀KING forward to the new 34 update.

Ps: It would be even better with the suggestions above. Although a very tall order nonetheless.


Will the changes to flight planning include the ability to schedule flights that arrive before midnight but leave after midnight manually?

It sounds for me more like a thing for Alpha 35 - The Terminal update. :thinking:

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Let’s hope for realistic destinations, It is weird to see a big bird coming from an unknown airport in the middle of nowhere :grinning:

Does sound announcements like you here in the main page are part of the gameplay? That would add a bit of fun and realism to the airport :smile:

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As well as custom destinations for modded airlines. It’s the only thing stopping me from making a truly realistic airport